New Reputation Glitch for GTA Online

Although Grand Theft Auto Online’s infinite money glitches have earned the most press, many fans are also on the lookout for ways to easily increase their reputation (RP) in the game. As a result there are reputation glitches that have been removed with the latest patches, with new reputation exploits also being discovered just as quickly.

The newest reputation trick works best with a friend. We have detailed instructions below, but here’s the gist: players can trigger the glitch when Simeon requests a vehicle. If both players get the vehicle he wants, the player’s wanted level will reach 2 stars. They can then take the two vehicles to LSC and go inside when the map quits flashing to earn 200 reputation points. If the players leave and swap cars, they can go inside again for another 200 points.

Other methods that fans have discovered involve throwing grenades at people and then hurrying to LSC, punching the sidewalk outside of a store and then going to LSC, and robbing the clerk at LSC. These all appear to be exploits, rather than true glitches.


Detailed steps for reputation glitch

  1. Head into an invite-only session with a friend and then wait until Simeon requests a vehicle.
  2. Both of you find the vehicle. Once you both get it, you’ll each get 2 stars wanted.
  3. Both of you then head to Los Santos Customs, you need to lose the cops (but still have the 2 stars – ie the map stops flashing) and then enter the LSC building.
  4. You’ll both gain 200 RP when you do this, then simply back out of LSC, switch your cars, and go back in. You’ll get another 200 RP!
  5. Repeat!
Mike Roberts

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