New Post-Patch Stock Market Bug Found


Right after GTA V was released for Xbox One and PS4 earlier in the month gamers discovered a pretty cool stock market glitch that enabled you to earn the maximum amount of $GTA cash in single player. While that bug has since been patched, some enterprising players have since found a new way of manipulating the in-game stock market to potentially earn billions. It is pretty risky though, so make sure you save often and follow the instructions!


  • Use the steps below to quickly earn a lot of money on the stock market in GTA V for the PS4 and Xbox One (post-patch 1.04).
  • The stock market still has some glitches, so be careful.
  • Save repeatedly throughout this process in case your owned stocks vanish.
  • Do not buy more than 2.147 billion shares of a single stock.
  • Always make sure the game says you’ll make money on a sale before you sell your shares.


  1. First, you must locate a stock that has a large difference between its low and high. Two good choices are Vangelico after the Jewel Heist mission, and LifeInvader after the LifeInvader Assassination mission.
  2. Next, choose to access GTA Online, accept the message, but then press O (PS4) or B (Xbox One) to cancel. This will randomize the values of the stocks.
  3. Continue doing this until your chosen stock is near its low. Buy as much of the stock as you can afford (but not more than 2.147 billion shares, as this can cause a glitch).
  4. Then, choose to go to GTA Online again and cancel, like you did before.
  5. Repeat the process until the stock is near its high. Sell all of your shares.
Trevor Phillips
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