New Petition Tries to Ban GTA 5 From Target

Since November 18's launch of GTA V for the PS4 and Xbox One was just a remastered release of a game that first came out over a year ago, you wouldn't expect it to stir up a lot of controversy. Nevertheless, it has. On November 29, someone in Australia started a petition to make Target remove GTA V from its shelves.

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Violence is usually the problem behind these sorts of petitions, but this one is particularly concerned with misogyny, as it claims "this sickening game encourages players to commit sexual violence and kill women." The description then goes on at length to explain how players are encouraged to kill prostitutes. It makes it sound as though that is the entire goal and focus of GTA V, doesn't even touch on the violence against male characters, and offers some blatant lies as proof of GTA V's evil.

Despite the skewed perspective presented in the petition, it's already received over 29,000 signatures. According to the comments, however, some people seem to have signed just to leave comments opposing it. Australia has had a rocky history with Grand Theft Auto, so it will be interesting to see what happens here. If you're reading this, we can probably guess your answer, but share your thoughts on this petition in the comments anyway.



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  1. I love this game, it doesn't make me want to go round killing prostitutes in real life! Or do anything violent that you can do in the game for that matter, people seriously need to get a grip!!

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