New Money Glitch Found In GTA V

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Despite Rockstar’s best efforts to root out cheating from GTA Online by any means necessary, it seems a new infinite-money exploit was found in the game that the recent 1.28 update failed to fix. Don’t expect this exploit to work for long though, as you know how Rockstar is with these kinds of things, and people who are caught profiting off this exploit will most likely face bans (and rightly so!).


You’ll need to put quite a bit of effort into making use of this exploit, though. The first step is winning 50 rounds of Last Team Standing. This is no small feat, however the greedier players might band together to boost each other to the required victory count. Once you’ve hit 50 victories, you’ll get the achievement “Still Standing”, rewarding you with special chrome rims for your SUVs.

Once the reward is unlocked, you’ll need to look for a specific vehicle. Rusty Karin Rebels are what you need, and around 7 will do for the purposes of this exploit. Roll on over to Los Santos Customs, and navigate to “wheels”, select the “SUV” section and then the “VIP” section, and add the chrome rims to the Rebels.

You’ll notice that the sell price for the rusty Karin Rebels with the shiny rims is a whopping $10,000. Comparing this to the $3,000 purchase price of the rimless vehicle, you’ve got yourself a nice hard $7,000 in profits. This method ignores the 45 minute timer, so you can just keep doing it as many times as you fancy, and you’ll rack up quite a bit of cash in no time at all. Be warned though, this method has been making the rounds on the web so the folks over at Rockstar surely know about it, and when they patch it up soon, they’ll track down anyone who used this exploit with the ferocity of a bloodhound.

In that light, please take this post as a warning to resist temptation and not do this… That said though, have you made use of exploits in GTA Online before? If it is a bug that causes an exploit, do you consider it “fair game”, since the dev team is to blame?

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