New LSPDFR 0.3 Feature Previewed

Our regular readers will know that we have been attentively following development of what very well may be the most ambitious mod ever conceived for GTA V. LSPDFR is a massive total conversion mod which, when fully released, seeks to completely rework the game and transform it into a full blown police simulator - and it is well on its way there.

Lspdfr .

Lspdfr .

Already the mod has more features than some AAA games do, and it is only adding more and more to the lineup, as well as improving and expanding existing features. We recently reported on the announcement of LSPDFR 0.3, which heralds many ground breaking updates. These will be procedurally introduced with the preview posts, of which this is the second.


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The main feature that 0.3 introduces is one that has been hotly requested. Players can now configure and customize what kinds of units will come to their aid when they call for backup. As opposed to 6 previously, now you can configure up to 7 presets of units who will heed your call to arms if need be. The new system allows you to set a number of variables, including the type and number of vehicles, the liveries on the vehicle, the passengers of the vehicles, and which in-game area they would be otherwise patrolling when idle.

To add to this, LSPDFR is, for the first time, adding other emergency services to the game as well. You can now call an ambulance to injured pedestrians, and in what is an astronomical leap forward, as opposed to the lazy vanilla medics, LSPDFR emergency response teams will actually try and treat the poor bastard bleeding out on the pavement.

On the animation side of things, the team has gone over the sequence during which backup forces arrive. As opposed to just bumming into your battlefield, now they will arrive in an orderly and downright theatrical manner. Who's looking forward to the next LSPDFR update!?

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