New GTA V Phone Easter Egg Found

Over two years after its release GTA V still has a few secrets. Those folks intent on solving the Mount Chiliad mystery don't seem all that insane anymore, do they?

A significant portion of GTA V's easter eggs and cheats can be accessed via the in-game cellphone. Calling certain number combinations will result in some rather odd occurrences. Sometimes you'll get the iconic chirping of a dial-up modem, or some pissed guy telling you to 'stop prank calling' them (check out the full list).



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Cheats can also be activated by calling certain numbers instead of the using regular button combo method. All of your regular cheats, like invincibility, drunk mode, slow-mo, fast run, and so on are accessible from the cellphone.

Recently, a new phone "effect" has been discovered. It isn't a cheat per-se (of course, it may have as of yet undiscovered effects), as it does not benefit the player in any way. If you call 1-999-367-3767 (1-999-EMP-DROP) the phone will show that you're connecting to someone or something called "Black Cellphones". All this does is trigger a small explosion in the air near you, but far enough not to hurt, and changes the color of your phone to black.

On its own this isn't particularly interesting, but since this is GTA V, the rumors have begun circulating instantly. Many believe this is the next step in solving the Chiliad mystery. Others think it is in some way related to single player DLC. The numbers after the second dash, based on what letters are associated with them could mean "EMP Drop". Some speculate that this is a hit as to the story line of the SP DLC, which might concern either the player or their enemies using an EMP to cause a blackout in Los Santos.

Because, you know, two excellent mods weren't enough of a Watch_Dogs connection... What do you think this newest GTA V phone easter egg could mean?


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