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New GTA Online Vehicles Modded Into Single Player

Modding GTA Online exclusive content over into single player has created a subculture of its own within the modding community. Initially it took quite some time for the modders to get on top of a new update. With each new DLC the turnaround time for the modders to port it decreased further and further. After the launch of the recent Lowriders DLC, Benny's Original Motorworks found its way to single player pretty damn fast and the Executives and other Criminals content was ported almost instantly.


Even that wasn't as fast as this time. Although we are only talking about two cars which technically were already in the game, making this overly simple. Still, its impressive that the new customizable Sultan RS and Banshee 900R have been added to single player.

The newly updated Benny's Motorworks SP mod contains the two new cars and all their upgrades. If you've already installed the mod back when we first reported on it you just need to update the existing installation.

For those of you who weren't around back then, the aforementioned mod adds Benny's shop from the Lowriders GTA Online DLC to single player. This includes all the cars and customization options, allowing Michael, Franklin and Trevor to ride around in stylish lowriders.

For a number of reasons many GTA V players actually prefer single player to the hectic experience of Online. Since all DLCs are Online exclusive solo players can only turn to mods for new content.

If they play on PC, that is. Poor console players who dislike multiplayer are still holding out hope for story DLC, or have moved on to other games by now.


Due to the nature of GTA Online, some features from the DLCs cannot be ported to single player at all, such as Adversary Modes, new multiplayer game types, or pretty much anything from Freemode Events.

Would you want more GTA Online DLC content to make it to single player?


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