New GTA Online Money Glitch

GTA 5 Developer


No matter how many times Rockstar patches GTA Online to prevent the money glitch from working, fans always seek out new ways to do it. This latest method goes as follows:

  1. You must be in an invite-only session and invite a friend.
  2. Both players must take their most expensive vehicles and meet up somewhere on the way to Los Santos Customs, but far enough away to have a mechanic deliver you a car when you’re at LSC.
  3. If the players can park with their driver-side doors against a wall, with one car blocking the other one in, they should then use their in-game phones to purchase new (not free) cars. They just need to make sure they don’t replace the cars their characters are in.
  4. After this, one player must pause the game and go to the PlayStation Store, while the other player remains with the vehicles.
  5. Once the first player is at the store, the second player should invite them back to the game.
  6. When the first player accepts the invitation, their vehicle will have been duplicated.
  7. If they leave it alone and return to the two parked cars, the second player can then go to the PlayStation Store and repeat the process.
  8. Once both players are back in their original cars, they should drive to the LSC.
  9. There, they must call the mechanics and request the cars they bought.
  10. However, when the cars arrive and the mechanics get out, the players should ignore them and sell the two original (expensive) cars at LSC.
  11. After that, they should drive the cars the mechanics brought back to their properties, but park them outside and each steal a car.
  12. After putting the stolen cars in the garages, they should get out, then drive the cars back outside, get out again, and return to the garages.
  13. The expensive cars they sold will be back.

Well, we’re sure a lot of players will try this right away—and we bet Rockstar is already working on a patch. Thanks to SUL7ANR4LLY of Reddit for the heads up!


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      1. There is a more simple way to do this. But why say it so it can be patched?

        I’ll just say it’s similar to this, but you can do it on your own in any lobby.