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New GTA Online Money Glitch Discovered

A new money glitch has been discovered for GTA Online, but first, you’ll need a million dollars...

Give or take, at least. Keep in mind that this glitch only works if you have a fully customized Lowrider already, a 10 slot empty garage, and 9 Rusty Rebels.

Using this method will net players around 6 million GTA$ in relatively short amounts of time, which is a massive breakthrough compared to the extremely slow trickle of money that comes from just doing missions or even heists.


The first step to get this working is to go "off radar" with another glitch. Basically, this allows your character to not show up on the minimap at all, to anyone, and thus your actions will go unnoticed. It is a seemingly overly complicated process involving golf, however it has been widely documented by the community (you might find is from te earlier Reddit link).

The glitch itself focuses on the Lowriders added in the recent DLC of the same name. What you need to do is be in your garage with 9 Rusty Rebels, the one dupe car (this can be any car, but a fully upgraded Lowrider is suggested as it fetches the highest sell price), and your friend who went off radar.

Set your vehicle access to no one and what your buddy will need to do is keep trying to get into the first Rebel. He won't be able to, but he'll continuously tug on the handle. Have him keep doing this feverishly, while you take the dupe car out of the garage. Go back, and take out any of the Rebels that your assistant isn't handle spamming, and then go back to the garage with the dupe car. Boom, you'll have two of that car sitting in your garage. All you need do is repeat the process until the garage is full of dupe cars, which you can then sell at a massive profit.

Do you consider the use of glitches present in GTA V's official code to be "cheating" or just "unfair"?


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