New GTA Online Lowrider And Adversary Mode Coming

We've known these are coming for weeks, but finally the official announcement has rolled in, confirming those leaks we've been listening to all this time. Once again we've encountered a similar situation as the one prefacing the Lowriders announcement. In the weeks leading up to the announcement, leaks and rumors ran rampant, with most of them being utterly fake. It wasn't until the announcement that the few who told the truth were revealed.

The leaks about the upcoming rides and new Adversary Modes began right after the release of the Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC update for GTA Online not too long ago. The game files for the update already contained the in-game models of the new cars and much of the data for the sports-themed competitive modes.

The leaks showed off some of the new assets that will be added with the sports-themed adversary modes and their names also suggested a relation to football. The three new lowriders, on the other hand, were discovered by accident when porting the content of Custom Classics to single player via a mod added not three, but six new cars to the modded Benny's store.



Benny's Original Motorworks was updated once before Custom Classics too. In a small update earlier this year, two sports cars with extensive customization came to the special garage - the Karin Sultan RS and the Bravado Banshee 900R. This first update didn't quite go as planned, however following a quick fix, the new Banshee became the fastest car in the game. It has since been dethroned well and truly however.

Small updates like that began to characterize the DLCs of 2016, with Custom Classics actually counting as a major release, relatively. Even so, Rockstar's one-a-week lowriders DLC model is something entirely new. Spreading smaller nuggets of content out with a more frequent release schedule has the air of building up to a massive punchline about it. Players theorize that Rockstar has something groundbreaking to show off at this year's E3 to back it all up.


Earlier this week, the first of the April lowriders, the Declasse Tornado Custom was released, which was announced a week ahead. The official announcement revealing the Vapid Minivan Custom and the Inch by Inch Adversary Mode has been posted on the Rockstar Newswire, the developer's own news-blog.

The new Adversary Mode will launch on the 12th, meaning next Tuesday. While the introduction provided by Rockstar in the announcement isn't comprehensive, it does give us a brief run-down of the mode. Two team will try to score points by carrying a package to their score-zone. Players carrying the package can't use weapons, so the team-mates will have to cover them while the opponents try to nick the prize.

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Based on the released image, the maps on which this mode will be played on resemble actual football fields with cover and other obstacles set up. The mode will be a frantic addition to GTA Online, as the package resets immediately if scored, forcing teams to strategize and stay on their toes.

Coming on the same day as Inch By Inch is the all new Vapid Minivan Custom, the newest and most unusual addition to Benny's Original Motorworks. When thinking of potential lowrider vehicles, this would have been the last to come to anyone's mind. Based on the image in the announcement (and the one in the leaks), however, the Minivan will be just as stylish a lowrider as any other. One of the most notable features the ride has is the sliding door, which allows passengers to lay down cover fire during harrowing escapes.


Just like last time around, the GTA Online event to commemorate this DLC release will kick off sooner than the release date - meaning now. Through the 14th, players will be able to rack up twice as much cash and RP from select Adversary Mode playlists which will be switching off one another during the course of the event. Two mixed playlists will last through the ninth and then through the 11th, respectively, with an Inch By Inch playlist bringing up the rear.

No event is complete without discounts, as we all know. During this particular GTA Online event, the guns take center stage, with several discount going at Ammunation. Sniper rifles get a 25% discount, with their attachments and body armor getting their prices halved. Shotguns are also going cheaper, with the weapons themselves at 30% and attachments at 40% off.


Surprisingly enough, as far as this announcement shows, there won't be any discounts on lowrider customization items despite such a vehicle being released. If you're eyeing the new Minivan Custom, you'll do well to grind those Adversary Mode playlists, as it will certainly set you back at least one mil.

Would you like to see even more lowriders added to GTA Online after the Sabre GT, or do you hope Rockstar will move on from the lowrider theme?


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