New GTA Online Double $ And RP Event On The Way

When developers and news sites don’t discuss embargo rules upfront, leaks happen. While this isn’t something as significant as new info about upcoming GTA V DLC, Gamespot has leaked an upcoming event that Rockstar’s wasn’t quite comfortable announcing yet. Review and news embargoes are typically employed by developers to keep info from getting out too soon.


Review embargoes are usually used when the dev knows their game is terribly broken but don’t want word of it to get out before most people buy it. Here we’re only talking about a bit of news, so Rockstar’s intentions are hardly malicious.

Before the article was extensively edited to only feature details of the Valentine’s event, information regarding a primarily co-op focused series of events was posted. It seems that from Friday, just one day after the Valentine’s event end, until next Thursday, Contact Missions will be the name of the game.

Each day of the event, a different contact’s missions will pay out twice as much cash and RP. Each day also features a unique discount except for Sunday, when High Priority Vehicle Deliveries will also pay out double the cash alongside Simeon’s missions. On the 25th, the last day of the event, all contact missions in GTA Online will grant you twice as much GTA $.


Rockstar has suddenly ramped up their event schedule, with one double RP and cash event ending right when the next one begins. The last time this happened GTA Online got one of its largest updates soon after. If this new string of events means a major upcoming DLC launch, you better start saving up for whatever expensive end-game items it will come with.

Do you think Rockstar is organizing so many GTA Online events in preparation for a new DLC release, or are they just giving players a chance to catch up on expensive items already in the game?

Aron Gerencser
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