New GTA Online Alternative Arises

By the time GTA V was released on PC, GTA Online had been around for quite some time on consoles, allowing players to become accustomed to it. Rockstar ran a tight ship in terms of rules and regulations to keep the game running smooth and fair, however the cost of this was omitting a few features players would have liked. The PC launch brought with it a key change to the world of GTA V - mods. While there was no official mod support, the game was more an accepting of fan-made content.

It was only a matter of time until alternative multiplayer services to GTA Online popped up, running on modded versions of the game. They all worked on different principles and followed different rules, setting them apart from the official Online mode. Some of the features fans requested, like having lobbies that allow certain mods, or playing co-op in the singleplayer mode as the three protagonists were made possible with these mods.

However, Rockstar recently had these alternative services shut down. Since the majority of their revenue came from Shark Card purchases in Online, alternatives to the official multiplayer service could hurt business. Among others, the extremely popular FiveM mod was shut down, with the creator famously claiming that Rockstar had sent private investigators to his house.

Despite the legal actions taken by Rockstar, a new alternative service has popped up recently. GTA V: MP, or simply V:MP, went online recently, allowing multiple people to play in a single instance of GTA V at any given time.



Currently, the mod works as the singleplayer GTA V world does, only it allows more than one player to inhabit it. Character models are that of PEDs or the three protagonists and Online-only content isn't available.

However, V: MP does feature mod-support, allowing players to enjoy modded content together. Custom maps, game-modes, silly weapons or various super-hero mods can now be played and explored with other players tagging along - if you're willing to risk a perma-ban.

Seeing as Rockstar has some pretty big plans for GTA Online, it's doubtful that they'll let this slide. The days of GTA V: MP are numbered, and even if the mod lives on, all users will likely be barred from the official Online mode permanently, as was policy back when the other alternatives were shut down.

Would you like to see certain lobbies in GTA Online allowing mods?

Aron Gerencser
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