New GTA 6 Fan Theory Claims Reveal Date Teased By Vetir DLC

You can gauge just about how thirsty for content a community is by how far they're willing to reach with their fan theories, and the Grand Theft Auto fandom is willing to span gargantuan distances for any perceived hint about GTA 6. The latest theory regarding the reveal of the next title implies that there is a hint hidden in the typeface introducing the Vetir, the latest DLC vehicle to appear in Online.


This particular theory picks apart the font used on the troop transport's name, with some thinking there are numbers hidden in it. The way the E is split makes its left half look like the roman numeral "VI" when read together with the V, and there is seemingly a 7 and 11 hidden in the second half of the word.


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Naturally the first assumption of most fans upon seeing this is that the VI is a reference to the upcoming but unannounced GTA 6, the title we're all hotly anticipating. This leaves the 7 and 11 for the actual hint portion of this theory. The most plausible assumption is that of a date - either July 11 or November 7.

Hypothetically, let's assume for a moment that this is a real hint being dropped - knowing Rockstar's approach to game announcements and releases, this would be vastly too early a date for release considering GTA 6 hasn't even been officially announced yet. Nonetheless, proponents of the Super Bowl theory believe this is a release date tease, not a reveal date tease.

Between the recent release of the new console generation, unusually long time since the release of the previous GTA game and confirmation that there is, in fact, a GTA title under development currently all contribute to the playerbase's trigger happy attitude towards possible hints and teases. We're doubtful that this particular theory will pan out, but still hope to get some kind of official announcement sometime soon - maybe this year?


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