More New GTA 5 Rumors


Spanish site Area Jugones (literally “Area Hardcore Gamers”) apparently got itself access to some exclusive new GTA 5 information. While the info is about as unconfirmed as you can get (and indeed some of it seems pretty improbable) we’re posting it nonetheless to keep you guys as informed as possible about GTA V. Let us know what rumored features make sense to you and what you think are unlikely, we’ve included some of our comments below.

  • Franklin starts at the bottom of the “crime ladder” and restores cars cars for a “crappy” Armenian named Simeon Yetaria. (GTA5C: this possibly means you’ll start the game with Franklin, who knows what “crappy” is meant to mean!).
  • You can check the bank balance of your character via ATMs (GTA5C: we’ve seen this rumored elsewhere before).
  • There are hitchhikers in the game.
  • Michael has a special mini-game in which he can attempt to rob ATMs.
  • There are no internet cafes, instead you can access websites and social networks from your in-game mobile phone (GTA5C: makes sense).
  • You can park your car, ignite the gas tank and explode the vehicle to destroy it/other people/things (GTA5C: we guess this is as opposed to trying to smash up your car and make it explode that way).
  • Hundreds of pet accessories are available (GTA5C: sounds like a lot…)
  • If you have a dog, it can die or get lost. You can then purchase a new one at a pet store (GTA5C: the getting lost part is at least true).
  • The meat you obtain from hunting can be sold to food factories and farms. The meat is then used by in-game burger joint “Burger Shot”.
  • If you park your car on the street without a parking ticket it will be towed away. It is possible to reclaim your vehicle by paying a fine to the relevant municipal department (like if you’ve modified it heavily).
  • Character special abilities are activated using L3 (GTA5C: special ability details here).
Trevor Phillips
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  1. The car towing sounds like a pretty neat idea, might get annoying as it is in real life but i wouldn’t mind seeing it in game.

  2. i just can’t wait to play it I’m very anxious to see the new features so, if you ask me, the more stupid and crazy things there is t, the better….. 😀

  3. The selling meat, parking meter, and cell phone internet ones sound legit. Only stupid one is the hundreds of pet accessories