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New Deadline Arenas Available Now In GTA Online

Oddly enough, Rockstar Games skipped last week's event week for Grand Theft Auto Online which made us suspect that the summer car meet DLC we've been hearing so much about is inbound. Mostly wrong but partially right - new DLC did drop this week, but not on Tuesday and it isn't major; 7 new arenas for Deadline have been added to the game today, alongside bonuses and discounts.

The Deadline Adversary Mode launched alongside the futuristic Shotaro bike way back when, bringing a dash of TRON to GTA Online with vehicles very obviously based on the lightcycles from the sci-fi classic, with Deadline bringing the iconic battles waged by sowing a deadly web of light-trails using these bikes.

Today, 7 brand new arenas are injecting new life into the fan-favorite mode set in some of the most iconic landmarks of Los Santos and Blaine County. Nobody really needs any extra reason to play Deadline, really, but even topping the new maps are 3x rewards on all RP and GTA$ gained from matches.

Keep in mind that if you haven't played Deadline before (what are you even doing in GTA Online?) you cannot purchase the Shotaro, which is reward enough on its own. This week, players who play at least one round of the Adversary Mode and buy a Shotaro (or have done so in the past) will be eligible for a bonus of GTA$ 750,000.

Farming a single activity is bound to get boring, even if said activity is as fun as Deadline, so you can mix up your weekly routine with some other missions that are paying out extra as well. Jump into A Superyacht Life missions for triple rewards and Entourage for double. You can also push out the profit margins of you business with all Air Freight Cargo Sell Missions dealing out 2x GTA$ and RP all week.

Everyone love free stuff, and simply logging into GTA Online will net you a free Buckingham tee for your in-game wardrobe. If you hop down to the Diamond Casino & Resort and spin the Lucky Wheel, you stand to drive away in a free Enus Windsor Drop if you win the vehicle reward. The bars in the Diamond and the Music Locker are opening their taps free of charge, too.

Discounts aren't quite the same as freebies, but they are the next best thing. As usual, discounts are mostly themed after the bonus activities letting you earn extra this week - the Nagasaki Shotaro is 40% off while all Deadline outfits are 80% off, and you can pick up Galaxy Super Yachts and their extras at half price all week long.

Additional discounts include 40% off on the Buckingham Luxor, the Buckingham Luxor Deluxe, the Buckingham Swift, the Buckingham Swift Deluxe, the Buckingham Supervolito, the Buckingham Supervolito Carbon, the Gallivanter Baller LE, the Gallivanter Baller LE LWB (Armored), the Enus Cognoscenti and the Enus Cognoscenti (Armored).

But where does this leave the summer car meet DLC? The randomly missed event week is still strange, so we suspect our initial prediction may have been correct but some unforeseen hiccup caused Rockstar to internally delay the DLC. Either way, there's still plenty of summer left, so stay tuned for more info on that!


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