New Batch Of GTA V Custom Jobs Envoke Old Rockstar Games

As we all know Rockstar does a good job promoting some of the best player created jobs for GTA Online. They’ve made posts on the Newswire about jobs in the theme of previous, well-known Rockstar properties other than GTA, and they’ve posted about player-created missions around the Fort Zancudo and Los Santos International Airport areas. Now, Rockstar is once again bringing the community’s attention to some fan-made jobs which evoke old games that were developed and published by Rockstar. However, this time, they’re reaching further into the past. The three franchises up on offer in this batch are Midnight Club, Smuggler’s Run and Manhunt.


The Midnight Club themed missions are obviously about getting in a car and going faster than anyone else who got in a car (basic, right?). On PC, GTA Online players will partake in a point-to-point race titled Midnight Club: LA. To keep the feeling just right, make sure your vehicle class is set to super and the stars are shining in the night sky. Xbox players can also enjoy another P2P race called The Midnight Club taking them to new heights at its end. Playstation players can treat themselves to the lap-based “The LS Midnight Club III” race meanwhile.

Those among you who are thirsting for some blood will enjoy the Manhunt themed missions. PC players will visit a harrowing abandoned warehouse where they and their friends will duke it out in a Last Team Standing called Twisted Warehouse. Xbox players of GTA Online will partake in the Manhunt LS deathmatch, taking place at a construction site. Playstation players will slash and chop their way to victory in the melee-only Manhunt deathmatch.


Reaching back farthest of the three games, the Smuggler’s Run missions will have players play fast and loose with traffic rules. Players on PC will pick from several vehicles and hit the road in a point to point race. Xbox players will need to capture a briefcase from an enemy team. On Playstation, GTA Online players will partake in a lap-based race.

Will you guys be giving these jobs a go?

Aron Gerencser
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