Need For Speed Reboot E3 Trailer Recreated in GTA V

The trailers of upcoming car games being recreated in GTA V using the versatile Rockstar Editor is hardly a new phenomenon. People have been using the Rockstar Editor to create more and more detailed recreations of popular scenes from movies and television series, as well as the trailers for upcoming films and games. These videos have been getting more detailed and creative as people learned how to use the software to its fullest potential, recreating scenes with greater authenticity than one might assume.


We’ve seen recreations of Mad Max, Breaking Bad, John Wick’s trailer. In the vein of gaming, we’ve seen the E3 trailer of the upcoming Forza Motorsport 6 recreated using GTA V in extreme detail. Now, from the same user, comes the GTA-ification of the E3 trailer of the upcoming Need For Speed reboot (which has no reason to exist. Reboot, seriously?).

Grand Theft Speed comes to us from RavenwestR1, who seemingly has a flare for cars and car games, based on the mastery of his craft. Check out his creation below!

For those of you who din’t have the memory of a Drell, or simply haven’t seen the original trailer before, here it is for comparison.

RavenwestR1 states that this project was significantly more difficult to do than his previous recreations

After 9 days of trial and error finally [I’ve] done it. This is by far somehow become the hardest remake I’ve ever done, but the result is probably not as good as [the Forza] 6 remake. And sorry if the whole video is too dark, for me that’s actually creates better ‘atmosphere’. Hell, this is much harder than [the Forza] 6 remake, it took me 9 days with [an average of] 6-7 hours per day to create this. Lots of things happened, in fact I think I probably will upload some outakes.. hehe..

What do you guys think of this recreation?

Trevor Phillips
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