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Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy & Bonuses Available In GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online offers players plenty of ways to riddle their rivals with bullet holes both on the ground and in the air, but at sea, options are more limited. Less so as of today with the introduction of the game's newest vehicle, but you might be hard pressed to find time to appreciate it considering all the bonus opportunities.

The Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy took the lightweight, unassuming patrol craft and slapped a .50 cal gun on the prow, making it the ideal vehicles for a bit of piracy, anti-piracy or extreme fishing. You can pick up your new armed boat from Warstock Cache & Carry for GTA$ 1,850,000. Don't forget, you can still pick up the Dinka Verus for free.

This week continues the Los Santos Celebration, which is what Rockstar dubbed the multi-week event giving thanks to the dedicated fanbase of GTA Online. The Diamond Casino & Resort is hosting an open bar, meaning all drinks are on the house. When you're not under the influence, there are plenty of souped up earning opportunities to pick from.

All Special Cargo Sales, which already constitute one of the best earning methods in GTA Online, are paying out double GTA$ and RP all week long, so put on your finest suit, hire some associates and deliver those goods.

For some more fast paced and whimsical fun, take a crack at the Stunt Races first introduced with Cunning Stunts way back when, also paying out double. Other activities with a 2x payout this week include Premium Deluxe Repo Work, DJ Request Missions, Sumo and Sumo Remix.

Players who log into GTA Online this week and complete at least one Import/Export Sell mission, you'll automatically unlock the bonus Blue and Magenta Glow Shades, perfect for all the wild parties being thrown in the Diamond and Music Locker with their open bar offers.

While you're at the Diamond, give the Lucky Wheel a spin. Alongside RP, cash and other gift rewards you'll have the chance to drive away in a free Vapid FMJ. Cheap isn't free, but you can also pick up a Grotti Furia, Progen GP1, Truffade Adder, Pegassi Zentorno and Annis S80RR at 40% off.

Additionally, all Executive Offices and their upgrades and customizations are 60% off, opening the way to new prospective business owners. You can also purchase Special Cargo Warehouses and Garages at half price, while Vehicle Warehouses are 25% off.


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