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The Nagasaki Ultralight Might Be The Best Way To Travel In GTA Online


Grand Theft Auto Online is absolutely overflowing with great, iconic and memorable vehicles that either stand out from the crowd with a fantastic design, or just blow away the competition with stats, speed or durability. Others pack some unique function or feature that other vehicles can't match - that said, it seems that one of the most unassuming little rides might be one of the most useful.

We're going to guess that not a lot of players have paid much thought to the small and breezy Nagasaki Ultralight ever since it was released as part of the Smuggler's Run DLC a few years ago. Now, the tiny glider just might shoot up in popularity as a neat application has been discovered - or rather popularized.

It's very likely that several players out there have already figured out this usage for the Ultralight but didn't go spreading it around - likely in order to preserve the secret. Using the diminutive vehicle to sneak around in Blaine County airspace undetected is the perfect way to avoid opponents and griefers.

The thing that makes the Ultralight such a great choice for a calm session of GTA Online is its speed and stealth - but you will have to drop some GTA$ on upgrades to get the most out of the glider. If you equip the Muffled Carbon Propeller upgrade for GTA$ 315,000, the Ultralight will go faster with the added benefit of being undetectable on radars and immune to missile lock-ons.


This means griefers won't spot you, they won't be able to shoot you down unless they're actually good at aiming - which, let's be honest here, anyone wasting time griefing definitely isn't - and you'll be able to fly through restricted airspace without NPC enemies descending upon you. You'll be a ghost, practically invisible unless someone spots you with the naked eye - made difficult by the Ultralight's small size.

With the upgrade, which also has the aforementioned speed boost, you'll be tearing through the sky at speeds of 117.88 km/h. Sure, the Ultralight isn't the fastest ride out there, but it is a respectable speed and you can zip across the entire GTA Online map in minutes, so a minimally longer journey is definitely a worthy price to pay for peace.

Of course, there is one caveat - while the Nagasaki Ultralight itself is fairly cheap, coming in at GTA$ 665,000 or the even more affordable trade price of GTA$ 500,000, you do need to own your own hangar before it becomes available for purchase.

Hangars, also introduced with the Smuggler's Run DLC, cost significantly more - they're the business specific property for that update and run between GTA$ 1,200,000 and GTA$ 5,670,000. These days scoring up 1.2 million with some of the best money making tactics is no big deal, but those tactics do assume you have a bunch of businesses going already - for newer or more casual players, it is an amount.

[deleted by user] from gtaonline

Nonetheless, the benefit cannot be overstated - while the Oppressor has been the go-to choice of vehicle for getting your travel and missions done the fastest, with its high speed and lock-on missiles, it's also a vehicle that attracts a lot of attention. The Ultralight may not be the most efficient vehicle on the block, but it is definitely near the top and gets you some privacy in transit as well.

The most tactical usage, probably, is to keep a Nagasaki Ultralight kitted out with the Muffled Carbon Propeller on hand. You can continue using the Oppressor in general, and switch out to your stealth option whenever some bad actors log into your lobby.

This discovery may not be the best thing since sliced bread, but it will definitely make your daily grinds just a bit more peaceful whenever you can't seem to get away from the griefers.


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