How Much Money Will You Need For GTA Online's Gunrunning DLC?

As we're getting deeper and deeper into May, anticipation for the teased but as of yet unannounced gunrunning DLC for GTA Online is mounting. Tempered by updates of the past, players have learned to stash their cash and grind up a great deal of starting capital so they can jump into the new content right away - but how much will be enough?

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Theories vary as to how outlandish the prices in the upcoming DLC will be, but it's reasonable to assume that players will need a lot of cash to get most, or all, of the content. One thing to take into consideration is the price of the previous major DLC, which was Import/Export. With all the special vehicles, vehicle warehouses and executive garages included, the full content of the update would set a player back around GTA$ 17 million, provided they buy the special vehicles at the reduced mission prices.


On the one hand, it isn't exactly crucial to buy everything the day the update lands, however it is nice to have a bit of starting capital. Of course, gunrunning itself will introduce a new method of making cash through the titular activity, however ahead of time we have no way of knowing how effective this will be, and whether it could outclass the current best method.

One should also take into consideration that as opposed to Import/Export, which wasn't the largest update of its year, gunrunning is intended to be 2017's biggest DLC in terms of content. Rockstar has already hinted at a large number of militarized vehicles, and the new gameplay mechanic will undoubtedly require an initial investment, much like the businesses in the game already.

Gta Online Heists New Screenshot

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We suspect that the prices of the militarized vehicles can be taken down a notch or two by completing missions associated with them, much like in the case of Import/Export's special vehicles. It's also likely that we'll get more military rides than we got special vehicles - we certainly have plenty of ideas about that.

Taking all of this into consideration, we'd shoot towards GTA$ 20 million being the minimum estimate of how much the complete content of gunrunning will come out at. Considering an GTA$ 8 million Shark Card costs $100, you might not want to opt to buy all of that with microtransactions.

On the flipside, some have suggested that Import/Export isn't a good frame of reference since compared to updates before and after it, it's unnaturally expensive. All the DLC vehicles since, especially the two classic sports cars, have been more modestly priced, as have major updates in the past such as Bikers and Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.

Gta Online Heists New Screenshot

With the whole militia theme, it's been suggested that since the update won't go for a luxury aesthetic like Import/Export does, prices will reflect the more rugged nature of the content itself, meaning players won't have to dish out as much cash for the gunrunning businesses and associated properties, or the militarized vehicles.

While we hope for this outcome as much as anyone else, it never hurts to be prepared. It's a good bet that jumping into gunrunning with $GTA 6-10 million will get you a great start even if it won't buy everything (possibly by a long shot).

If you're keen on building up a bigger fortune in preparation for the DLC, feel free to refer to our money guide as well as other guides pertaining to Import/Export missions and Bikers businesses to make cash at maximum efficiency. After all, when the DLC does hit, it's not like having more than enough cash would be a bad thing!


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