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The lack of any recent GTA 5 news got us thinking – what cool features would we like to see announced or revealed next? Rockstar is supposed to be releasing a heap of multiplayer information soon (like how it works!), but who knows when it will arrive…? So in the meantime, check out a list of the changes/features we think should be included in Grand Theft Auto 5.

What do you think of our suggestions, and do you have any of your own to add?

Cheat codes that work in multiplayer

But only in private matches… Of course we don’t want (or sanction) cheating of any kind in public matches, but in private matches we think that there should be more freedom to do what you want with your friends. This would include enabling cheat codes in private multiplayer matches. Things like vehicle spawns, weapons, health regen and wanted level could make things very interesting and would definitely be welcomed by most GTA fans. With cheats our emphasis has always been on making the game more fun!


Pulling off heists/bank robberies are a major part of GTA V and what often happens while one is taking place? Hostages are taken. You can actually see some hostages in one of the trailers, but it’s not clear whether players will have the ability to take and “use” them to any extent (i.e. whether hostages were included as a gameplay feature or just a cut scene). Also think of the possibilities when you have a 5 star wanted level and are in a stand-off with the cops… It would be a pretty major addition/feature and could be a bit much for Rockstar to squeeze into the game though.


Military drones are a controversial topic at the moment, but we don’t think that should stop them being includes in GTA 5, and in fact it’s reasonably likely they will be. We already know that there will be a military base in the game that you’ll be able to break into. Having some drones there to control, or steal and take home to use (perhaps via laptop from your pad), wouldn’t be a stretch.

Custom vehicles in multiplayer

The extent of your ability to customize your own Grand Theft Auto V experience has been talked up a lot by Rockstar (particularly in respect of cars, but also your own characters – including a “custom character”) and we think that extending it to customized vehicles within the multiplayer portion of the game would be a logical step. Showing off your hard work and customization skills to friends is always fun, plus you can check out all the cool stuff other people have made first hand.

Improved pedestrian behavior

Oftentimes in previous GTA games you could crash a helicopter or a car in the middle of a busy street and everyone would continue going about their business like nothing happened. While we can expect pedestrian behavior to improve in GTA 5 (and this has been confirmed) the extent to which it actually gets better will be interesting. If you have a sick ride we want people taking photos, same if you crash a car into a store front and then run off. Maybe massive crowds could also gather if you start doing crazy things in the middle of the street…

Trevor Phillips
Founder of GTA BOOM, Trevor has been a long-time fan of the GTA series but probably isn’t quite as hardcore a gamer as you’d think. When he isn’t tweaking the content on GTA BOOM, you’ll find him working on the server or making other improvements to hopefully make the site better. Other than that, Trevor enjoys getting outside in the sunshine!


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  1. Multiplayer should have gamemodes! Like “Robbery, Gang wars, Drive-By Team Deathmatch and remember Cops N’ Crooks from GTA IV. A new one should be made but called Cops and Robbers.

  2. There should be a feauture about “Katanas, farms and more weapons for Military soldiers than just M4’s.”

  3. Will there be a freeze wanted level cheat? It really got annoying in GTA IV when i was trying to do something and the cops kept coming after me.

  4. in gta 4 you couldn’t use a police car with blue lights and no sirens(code 2) on Xbox 360 nor could you get jobs, go on duty as a police officer, paramedic/ fire man you could in gta 3 so will you be able to get jobs, go on duty as police officers, paramedics, fire men, coast guard etc. in gta 5?

  5. M1A1 abrams allows 2 people too cause havok customized weapons plans that drop bombs instead of firing missiles cause riots and the city turns into chaos.

  6. Well start by keeping the ability to edit your character. Add the ability to fully customize a car (paint,body,etc.) and maybe add a Zombie Teamdeath Match (Zombies Vs. Humans). and I would Love to see where you can have a Crew like bodyguards when you get to a certain rank. Note if you use my Ideas could you send me a message on my Facebook or have my name in the developers list in the game credits thanks.

  7. where any vehicle in the game can be changed to a cop car]
    also where you can customize emergency vehicles

    1. We WILL have that in the game, but we won’t be showing that feature in the gameplay video tonight, check the cheats main page comments for more information on the gameplay announcement and it’s local release time. SEE YOU LATER!

  8. Yeah they should definitely have hostages features included in the game. As well as advanced technology at the comfort of your in-game mobile phone. If the graphics look as good as far cry 3 or Battlefield 3 or the upcoming game watch dog then I’m sold. A 5 out of 5 if it shows the features.

    1. Its got graphics better than both the previews were rated %100 out of %100, check the trailers, most of the newest trailers footage is actual gameplay from stuff like cinematic views! 😀 x 500,000

    1. This have to be in with the new “military base” rumor. We’ll see though. I would be surprised if tanks aren’t back in the game.

  9. also I wouldn’t mind being able to drive one of those giant ships you see in the game but can never drive one the biggest boat I seen in GTA that was drivable was the tug boat but a huge ship would be fun to drive

  10. vehicle that can be used like a regular vehicle like in san andrea’s when you was able to hook semi truck up to trailers and tractors to farm equipment and tow trucks to tow cars but more functional vehicle like drivable construction vehicles like front loaders and stuff that can actually move dirt or like an excavator where you can drive and actually dig a hole in the middle of the road


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