Month-Long Motor Wars Bonuses In GTA Online

Usually, Rockstar rolls out some thematic bonuses for Grand Theft Auto Online each week. Things are a little different this time around, breaking the usual event mold by having the headlining bonuses last a whole month! There are more regular weekly bonuses and the usual discounts on offer as well.

Battle royales are pretty popular as far as games go these days, and while GTA Online is fundamentally different in its gameplay and mechanics, Rockstar Games didn't let that stop them from taking a slice of this pie. Motor Wars, an Adversary Mode designed to get the closest approximation of a battle royale into Los Santos, is paying out triple RP and GTA$ all month - that's right, 3x rewards until June 2.


Joining this unprecedented bonus opportunity is the esteemed Bunker Series, which takes a broad variety of fan-favorite Adversary Modes and transplants them into the Bunker location, based on the floorplan of the properties players could purchase since the Gunrunning update. Jump into the playlist and earn 2x RP and GTA$.

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Alongside these unusual monthly bonuses, there are also more mundane, weekly offerings. Completing any Bunker Sell Mission will yield double the usual reward, making these particularly lucrative activities to farm for the next seven days.

With all these bonuses revolving around Bunkers and Gunrunning, it should come as no surprise that the weekly log-in reward is tied to property ownership. If you have a Bunker, you'll unlock an exclusive Black Hawk & Little Hoodie for your character. You can also show off your dedication to the game with the new Trees Camo Livery for the HVY APC, unlocked free for players above Rank 100.

This week's podium vehicle is the prestigious Übermacht Revolter, so make sure to spin that Lucky Wheel every day. Weekly discounts include Bunkers and their upgrades at half price - in keeping with the theme, you see - and 40% off select vehicles like the HVY APC, Bravado Half-Track, Ocelot Ardent and Enus Paragon R.


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