Mods Bring Drag Racing And Fishing To GTA Online

We all know by now that the modding scene for GTA V is bustling with creative individuals. Be it one-man teams putting together wacky forms of transportation or near-professional productions of total conversion mods, the community is adding an immense amount of new and original content to this already expansive game. While Rockstar is hell bent on making GTA Online mod-proof, the "legal" modding of GTA V's singleplayer portion is alive and well.

Though the following two mods are very much works in progress, and nowhere near as ambitious as LSPDFR or the GTA: RPG mods, they are unique and interesting in their own rights.

First off, we have something that really should have been present in the base game courtesy of Rockstar, but hey, as long as we have talented modders to put these features into the game themselves, all is well. The Drag Race mod, with a pretty self-explanatory name, adds drag races to the game. It is at a pretty early stage, with only three new races available at current, and it is laden with quite a few bugs, but author ZyDevs is hard at work to get things ironed out. This mod makes use of the ScriptHookV tool, so make sure you have it installed and updated!



The other one we're looking at today is a little removed from the chaotic, crime-laden atmosphere of the GTA franchise. Once you're done with a good day of robbery, murder, arson and assault, what could be better than a relaxing fishing trip? With the also self-explanatory GTA V Fishing mod, you can catch 23 types of fish and 45 types of items either from any boat or the Del Perro pier! Like the Drag Race mod, this one also utilizes ScriptHookV.

Will you guys be trying out these sweet GTA V mods?

Aron Gerencser
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