Modding Vehicles Now 10x Better With ZModeler3

Modders, heads up! With the newest update to ZModeler, the software has gotten an Import/Export feature geared specifically for GTA V. The creators of LSPDFR have been bringing considerable attention to this development, as the ability to modify vehicles in GTA V opens up a whole new world of authenticity and possibility of new features to the upcoming total conversion mod. ZModeler's GTA V Import/Export feature allows players to import the models of any vehicle in GTA V, meaning cars, planes, boats and bikes, which can then be modified to your liking.


The ZModeler forums are on fire with users getting used to the quirks of this new feature. Common texture packs such as vehshare.ytd, vehshare_worn.ytd, vehshare_army.ytd, and vehshare_truck.ytd need to be extracted for the import/export to work properly. Missing textures will be indicated by an error message, however editing the model is still possible, however the textures will be replaced by a placeholder, so you won't have an accurate picture of what your mod will look like.


You'll also need to juggle with shaders and materials, and you'll be needing the file for that.

Once you've created the new model, and have refined it to your liking, you can either implement the model in game by replacing the existing model of the vehicle, or you can install the new vehicle in the game as a placebo DLC. You can theoretically use the exact same model for the high and low detail versions, but the official post on the ZModeler forums strongly recommends prospective modders to avoid this.

You'll be able to export your new custom model in model.yft and model_hi.yft files, which can then be applied to the game.

This feature opens a whole new world of opportunity for the GTA V modding community. Seeing as vehicles, and especially cars, are a pretty significant part of what makes GTA, well, GTA, being able to mod them is a pretty big thing.

Will you guys be applying vehicle mods to your games thanks to this?

Aron Gerencser
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