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Jump Into Mobile Ops Mission Bonuses In GTA Online This Week

Continuing the month-long theme of Gunrunning related bonuses in Grand Theft Auto Online are bigger payouts on Mobile Operations Missions, and there are a bunch of freebies on offer so long as you log into the game at any point this week. Let's take a closer look.

Break out your sixteen wheeler evil HQ for some extra payouts, as the special Mobile Operations Missions, launchable exclusively from the Mobile Operations Centers are paying out 2x the usual rewards this week, including both RP and GTA$. What's more, completing any Mobile Operations Mission will earn you a one-time bonus of GTA$ 100,000.

The month-long Motor Wars bonuses kicked off last week are still on, so you have something to switch over to after farming those Mobile Operations Missions for a while to give the game session some variety. Also in the vein of Gunrunning themed bonuses, all week long you'll have your research speeds tripled.

There are several free incentives to motivate players to log in this week, such as the Invade and Persuade Tee which will automatically unlocked for your character the second you load into the world. Veteran players can also look forward to the Pink and Green Camo livery for the HVY Nightshark, which is automatically unlocked for all players at Rank 100 and above.

In keeping with the whole weaponized theme the on-going bonuses have going, the current vehicle spinning on the Diamond podium is the Vapid Winky, all dressed up in a neat camo livery. All you need to do in order to claim this free vehicle is to win the vehicle prize on the Lucky Wheel.

Since the main attraction this week is the Mobile Operations Center and the missions it gives you access to, it makes sense that the big rig itself is discounted - by 40%, to be exact, which also applies to all of its upgrades and modifications. Bunker supplies are also half-price.

Other discounts include 40% off the Karin Technical Custom, the JoBuilt Hauler Custom, the JoBuilt Phantom Custom, the Brute Stockade and the Declasse Weaponized Tampa.


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