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Missile Base Series Targets GTA Online

This week in Grand Theft Auto Online it's time to put on the rose tinted glasses and revisit some of the game's years-old Adversary Modes, but in a new location. Alongside this new gameplay content, there's also a chance for players to earn some free cash alongside the usual selection of discounts and more.

The all-new Missile Base Series is actually a set of older Adversary Mode matches set in the Missile Silo map introduced to the game in The Doomsday Heist DLC. These modes include, but are not restricted to, Every Bullet Counts, Slasher and Resurrection. The game map has been filled with new markers used to access the Missile Base Series, which is paying out double this week.

Rockstar recently wanted to help newer players get acquainted with older high-end content such as CEO work by giving away an Executive Office for free. This week, those of you know took advantage of that offer - or owned an office already, are set to get even more of a boost. All players who own an Executive Office by the end of the week will be eligible for a free bonus of GTA$ 250,000, to be delivered soon.

Alongside the Missile Base Series a number of other activities offer double rewards as well. Smuggler's Run sell missions, the Juggernaut Adversary Mode and the Rhino Hunt Adversary Mode all pay out double GTA$ and RP this week, through the 29th of May. Additionally, all Shooting Range Challenges pay out 3x GTA$ during the same period. What's more, Special Cargo is 25% off, increasing your profit margins on deliveries.

Players who log into GTA Online this week stand to unlock two exclusive in-game clothing items. First is the white Coil USA tee, allowing you to represent your preferred electric vehicle manufacturer, while the other item is a limited issue Dixon Wilderness tee, which is a real-world reference to the Resident DJ's current performances.

A number of mission-critical properties have been discounted too, granting players easier access to the content of updates like Gunrunning and Smuggler's Run. Hangars, Bunkers and all their upgrades are 40% off, as is the Mobile Operations Center. A number of armed and armored weaponized or special vehicles are on a 30% or 35% discount as well.

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