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Merryweather Gets Nice And Cozy On GTA V's Mount Chiliad


We've seen a fair share of expansive and ambitious mods in the time since the launch of the PC version of GTA V. Some people want to change the game entirely and turn it into a police simulator, while others want to break open the restrictions on multiplayer.

Some people want to put a highly detailed military base in top of Mount Chiliad.

In what just might be the most visually compelling modification for GTA V yet, Sanghelios has created a map modification for the game which places a massive, three story military facility at the peak of Mount Chiliad, the highest mountain and overall highest point in all of GTA V.

The base is owned by Merryweather Security Consulting, a fictional private military company in the GTA universe, which functions as an antagonist in the GTA lore. Merryweather is a sufficiently ruthless, power-hungry and corrupt organisation to make them genuinely look like less moral figures than any of the game's protagonists (whom are all criminals, and one is a mass murdering psychopath, making that quite a feat), and their soldiers are killed by the dozens throughout the game. This mod gives them a HQ worthy of their illusions of grandeur.


The mountaintop fortress includes an exterior section, which is comprised of balconies and platforms suspended from the cliff-face, boasting three helipads, and an interior section, which should feel familiar to any fan of StarGate. The Cheyenne Mountain Mount Chiliad base is protected by a large Merryweather contingent, bringing heavy weapons and combat vehicles to protect the base and its secrets. While the Blackwater Merryweather base mod is extremely impressive by virtue of the design and attention to detail, it is also a tad unstable and causes load times to increase substantially.

Would you like to see Merryweather get a larger villain role in future GTA V content?


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