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Master GTA V Videos With This Mod

Rockstar Editor

Your GTA V videos made with the Rockstar Editor will be much more professional after learning to use this mod.

Make no mistake, this here is no green screen. While that particular mod, along with the true free camera mod are extremely useful for aspiring GTA V video creators, this following mod gives filmmakers the control they really need. We're not talking about mental control, oh no. If anything, this mod allows for GTA fans to loose their imaginations with regard to video ideas. This mod grants players complete control over the various actors (as the NPCs in Director Mode are called) and how the scene is built up.


In its official form, as it was released with the PC version of GTA V, and later with the 1.29 update on consoles, the Rockstar Editor is already a very flexible, versatile and complex tool. However, it is not without its shortcomings and limitations. The Editor, as it is, has some restrictions which stem from the game's actual mechanics, rather than Rockstar's unwillingness to lift these restrictions.

This is where modding comes into the picture. One of the biggest changes Scene Director adds to the Rockstar Editor is that users may record the actions of actors entirely independently of the other actors or the scene itself.

The mod also adds an absolutely mind-boggling number of animations that the aspiring GTA filmmaker can use - a total of 21,882 separate gestures and movements. 00000 through 06999 can be viewed on the author's Youtube channel, with demonstrations of the rest being constantly uploaded. Who said making GTA V videos doesn't take some serious dedication?


The mod also adds some new miscellaneous commands to the Editor, and as the Scene Director is gradually updated, more and more of these will be added in order to give you maximum control over your scene - just like an actual director, unrestricted by game mechanics.

Do we have any dedicated GTA V filmmakers among our readers?


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