Mass Ban Wave in GTA Online Right Now


Rockstar is handing out two week bans on mass right now!

We’re trying to find out exactly what the ban criteria is, but it seems to be anyone who’s used either a cheat engine or a DLL injector – things like Script Hook and the Field of View mod.

There’s also some uncomfirmed reports that if you happened to have received $GTA from a modder then you have been banned too, but then some people who did this have been banned, others haven’t. Maybe Rockstar is having trouble tracking who did and got what. The problem with this though is that some banned gamers literally walked into the money in-game unintentionally – the hackers were throwing it around! Doesn’t seem all that fair to us. In addition to being banned, we’ve also heard reports of characters being deleted.

A lot of people are now crying out for Rockstar to open up private servers for GTA V multiplayer, something that we covered in a recent expose on how hacking is rampant in GTA Online. The biggest problem with this is that it would allow pirates to then play multiplayer, something with Rockstar definitely don’t want to enable (and for which we don’t blame them!).

Update: we’ve got a copy of the email Rockstar is sending out to those affected (thanks KR1ST0).


Anyway, be sure to let us know if you’ve been banned, what you might have been doing (ie running the FOV mod) and if you lost your characters. We’ll have more info shortly.

Trevor Phillips
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  1. We have 3 Xboxes in our house for the use of me, hubby and our boy. Me and my boy got banned at 5:47am today for 2 weeks but hubby didnt. We walked into a lobby where now that I think about it, I’m guessing it was a modder was dropping bags of $, nothing else! We have only just started playing GTA 5 a couple months ago so we are all new to this whole online gaming thing. I know what we did is kinda classified as cheating, but come on, seriously, there are people out there using God mode and doing heaps worse than what we had done. Dunno what is gonna happen to our accounts, but I guess this is a lesson well learnt! Don’t collect money thats being thrown around at you.

  2. Good stuff! Specially when you check the “World Record” for some of the races in the game and it is like 0.5 seconds…nah that guy didn’t cheat did he? xD Rockstar clearly need to take a look at those players. Sure, cheat in Story Mode, but then your results shouldn’t count towards world records and similar stuff.