Making Money in GTA Online & Free Car Upgrades

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Update: We've created a new GTA Online Hints and Tips page which will be updated going forward with everything you need to know. It is especially helpful since cheat codes will not work online!

Now that Grand Theft Auto Online seems to be a bit more stable (we can actually play!) we've put together a couple of hints to help you make more money, as well as a tip on how to get free upgrades for one vehicle!

Making Money in Grand Theft Auto Online

Robbing Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are all labelled on the map - almost makes they too easy to rob right? Wrong, they'are actually pretty hard to pull off and get away with! We don't know about you, but the cops seem to be that little more aggressive in GTA Online and they definitely come after you full force for knocking over the local convenience store.

One helpful hint is to grab a mask and use it for the robbery. Then when you are out of the line of sight of the cops, take it off. You should lose at least one star (unless you were on one star already).

Selling Cars to Los Santos Customs

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You can sell cars to Los Santos Customs in GTA Online with the only restrictions being that they won't take premium cars such as the Obey 9F or Pegassi Infernus, and that you can do this a maximum of once per in-game day. To maximize the amount of cash they pay you, try to find cars just below the "premium level" - cars like the Lampadati Felon GT. And if you can keep the car undamaged they'll pay more for it.

Simeon Missions

Simeon will give you missions in GTA Online and they all involve repossessing vehicles (duh...). They are also repeatable which is especially handy for one particular mission involving taking an Obey 9F from outside the front of a hotel (choose to do this one on the highest difficulty setting by the way). Anyway, don't worry about trying to lose the security guards or taking them out, just grab the car and get back to Simeon's shop ASAP. Then after the mission ends and you get your rewards, choose to replay the mission. Do this over and over and you can build up a decent amount of cash quickly.

VIP Work

VIP/CEO Work, which can be unlocked by registering as either, is a key element to one of the best known GTA$ farming methods. Grinding these jobs is a great way to rack up enough money to start kicking off your businesses, which require buying offices, bunkers, nightclubs and upgrades. A surefire way of earning big is by repeating a mission loop based around the cooldowns of two VIP Work missions, Sightseer and Headhunter. Read more about that here.

Deposit your Cash

Don't forget to deposit your money! This can be an easy thing to forget and is often a hard-learnt lesson!

Free Cosmetic Car Upgrades

This will only work if you haven't done the first mission for Simeon yet. Basically when you do, you'll receive a whole bunch of free (cosmetic) upgrades to whatever car you've got at that time, and it's a one-time deal. So before you take the first mission from him, search for a vehicle that you'd like to upgrade and be in it when you start the mission.

The only caveat is that, just like when you try to sell vehicles to LS Customs, this won't work for premium/sports cars like the Obey 9F or for motorbikes. Something like the Karin Sultan would probably get some decent upgrades (or any other car along those lines...).

Final Tip: Car Statistics

Here's one final tip. If you press down on your digital pad while you're inside a garage then the stats of each vehicle in the garage will be shown. You can also check if the vehicle has insurance or not.

We hope you final these helpful. Enjoy the game!

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  1. yeah, still cant get past the initial race trigger when you launch gta online first time... just says launching session indefinitely and the only possible way I have found to get out of it is to quit the game via ps button 🙁

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