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Make GTA V More Realistic - Less Fun

Let's face it - taxes aren't fun. And now you can have taxes in GTA V, but why would you want to?

GTA BOOM has discussed this topic a few times before when reporting on certain mods which add more realistic features to GTA V. Some of these mods work in the game's favor, such as making the visuals more realistic, or adding more realistic vehicle damaging, however some just make the game a bit of a chore. That said some players still look for absolute realism, even if it may be a bit of a burden. Well, here are three mods which add new features to the game which make it more realistic.


These three add a wide range of new features and game mechanics to GTA V. The least "intrusive" one of the mods is Complete Vehicle Indicator, which gives you real-time feedback regarding your the integrity of the car's body, its engines, its windows and the bumpers. It also shows how degraded your tires are and at what temperature the engine is running.

The next one is a realistic Vehicle Call Service. If your car has been wrecked on the road, you can call out a repair service - however the work isn't fixed price. Depending on the value of the damaged vehicle, you might end up shelling out a fortune to get your super-car back into shape, as fixing a Zentorno will not be as easy as fixing any old wreck.


Last up we have the least entertaining addition - the Complex Tax System. GTA V allows you to drive around luxurious vehicles, live in massive mansions, use the phone freely, once you've paid the purchase price and no more. However, life does not work that way, and people need to continuously pay taxes and insurance. If nothing else, this mod will give you motivation to make some money in GTA V.

Do you guys enjoy this sort of punishing realism in GTA V?


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