Major Bikers Bonuses In GTA Online This Week

Gear up and summon the gang, because it's time for Bikers bonuses in Grand Theft Auto Online this week. Roll up with your MC to deliver some contraband or perform various contracts, all the while taking advantage of the various discounts on offer through next Tuesday.

Head on down to your Clubhouse and stock up on Bikers Work and Contracts and track your Bikers Challenges, since all of these activities aimed at riders of metal steeds will pay out double rewards on both GTA$ and RP all week long.


Switch out the studded leather and chopper for a glowing bodysuit and lightcycle in Deadline, the Tron inspired Adversary Mode dropping futuristic combatants into an arena with one goal - be the last one riding. Whether you win or get derezzed, you'll earn double rewards for participating.

With all these rowdy biker gangs tearing through the streets of Los Santos, more sophisticated criminals are going to need more protection for their clandestine dealings. 2x Bodyguard and Associate salaries should help with recruiting more muscle to keep your operations safe.

Any biker gang worth its salt knows that riding in style is half the battle. To help GTA Online players look fresh in the saddle, Rockstar is giving away several clothing items perfect for the role. Players logging into the game can head to any clothing store throughout the world and grab the Sand Denim Biker Jacket, the Worn Ox Blood Blouson Jacket, the Cobble Denim Jacket, the Indigo Denim Jacket, the Washed Patched Denim Biker Jacket, the Contrast Camo Denim Biker Jacket, the Washed Denim Biker Jacket and the Black Blouson Jacket.

Speaking of free items, you can also unlock a free Black Principe Hoodie simply by logging into GTA Online this week. Additionally, you can take advantage of the many, many Bikers related discounts, including Clubhouses and their upgrades which are 35% off and several bikes which are 40% off, including the Shotaro, Manchez Scout and more.

Aron Gerencser
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