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Mad Max Meets GTA V


We've reported on the community's masterpieces made with the Rockstar Editor before, but this is a gift that keeps on giving. It seems like players of Grand Theft Auto V aren't content without topping the latest, greatest recreation of pop-culture filmography with a video even more authentic, detailed, and over-the-top.

We've seen the intro of Full House recreated with the video editor released alongside the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, as well as a plethora of other notable scenes recognizable from widely liked films and series such as Breaking Bad.

The latest film to get the GTA V treatment was the wildly popular and extremely violent action flick Mad Max: Fury Road. Widely loved by critics and movie-goers alike, Fury Road is the most popular action film of this year, featuring Tom Hardy as Mad Max himself, and Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa. The movie places heavy emphasis on melee vehicular combat, with extensively modified and upgraded cars and trucks getting most of the action.

There is an official Mad Max game coming up that was originally slated to release in tandem with the movie, however it was delayed to September. Learning from CD Projekt Red's example of the Witcher 3, it's never a bad idea to delay a game for more polishing, but it does leave that fans of the movie without a game to play once they get home from the cinema.

As impatient as gamers are, the players of Grand Theft Auto V on PC decided to take the lemons and make some angry, explosion-filled lemonade. A few Mad Max fans hopped on GTA Online, whipped out the extremely versatile Rockstar Editor, and put together an authentic recreation of the chase scene from Fury Road.

Pretty sweet, right? Did you guys see Mad Max: Fury Road? If so, how'd you like it? Looking forward to the game coming out in September?


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