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LSPDFR Shows Signs Of Activity


Some time ago we posted a short piece about the relative silence the LSPDFR website wrapped itself in. While the massive total conversion mod was a big thing in the news some months back, it went rather quiet following the release of their 0.3 build. While the player base of the mod remained steady and even increased, it would be no surprise if most of you didn't know what it is.


Los Santos Police Department First Response is a massive GTA 5 mod being developed by a dedicated team, some members of which worked on it full-time, which re-purposes the game as a police simulator. The mod is of an exceptionally high quality packed to the brim with all kinds of features and constantly expanding.

Best of all, it was free. The LSPDFR team, who previously made a similar mod for GTA IV titled LCPDFR, get their money from ads on their website, which doubles as a place to host and download your own mods as well as donations from the community.


The team behind the mod faced their fair share of hurdles during development. The massive anti-modding measures of the two Ill-Gotten Gains updates, the second of which broke the game on PC completely, hit them particularly hard. However, they persevered and development continued.

Rockstar, however unwittingly (the official stance is that single player mods are perfectly fine), wasn't the only ones to hinder them. Some time ago the site went offline due to a DDoS attack from an unknown source - luckily this didn't affect development, only the site.


However, even though no major issues were encountered since the DDoS was cleared up, a few months ago the official flow of news on the site went dry. The community kept things going in the forums, but the last time we saw one of the "weekly" posts was in February.

But now, finally, official activity has been once again spotted on the LSPDFR website. Earlier in April, however small, a Community Spotlight post was published in the news feed. Even more interestingly, the website is currently undergoing maintenance.


Either there was an issue with the site that cause the radio silence, or maybe that "maintenance" is actually a large scale site update that the team was working on until now. If nothing else, we now know for sure that the team is still hard at work on what is without question the greatest GTA 5 mod of them all.

Have you guys given LSPDFR a try, or is police role-play not your cup of tea?


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