LSPDFR Community Reaches 200,000 Members

Amid DDoS attacks and Rockstar's game updates that almost made modding impossible, LSPDFR managed to keep growing both in terms of content and playerbase. Earlier this month the team released the 0.3 build of the mod which contained a wealth of new content as well as some massive updates to existing features.


LSPDFR, which stands for Los Santos Police Department First Response, is an extremely detailed total conversion mod for GTA V. The point of this project is to turn GTA V into a full fledged police simulator, building off the existing game mechanics.


LSPDFR is probably the most advanced, complex and detailed mod currently available for the game and with good reason. The mod has a fully staffed dev team working on it with quite a few of them pulling full time. They are funded by donations and ad revenue from their website, so this growth in fans is certainly a good sign that things are going along nicely.

The recent update was preceded by a series of preview articles showing off the various features the mod will grow with. It seems the previews did their job well and attracted a huge number of new fans. The upgraded police station, new arrest animations and the ability to play as a criminal (seriously, this is a feature) were all added in 0.3.


The LSPDFR website doesn't only function as a community space for fans of the mod, but as a mod file hosting portal as well. The members of the LSPDFR community can upload and share their own creations through the site. Naturally, most of these creations are in some way related to law enforcement, however there is a wide variety. For example, we found that highly compatible snow for single player mod on the LSPDFR site a while back.

LSPDFR fans, sound off!

Aron Gerencser
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