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LSPDFR 0.3 Updated Arrest System Preview


With the release of LSPDFR's 0.3 build rapidly approaching, the team tirelessly keeps previewing the motherload of new features the mod is getting in this next major update. They've detailed how the backup (not the software kind, but the calling in the cavalry kind) customization will work, as well as the new interior the police station is getting. Los Santos Police Department First Response is a massive and ambitious total conversion mod which flips the tables in GTA V and makes you the cop hunting down the crooks. The mod's development was hindered severely by Rockstar's anti-modding measures, but the team is diligent.


0.3 will be revamping LSPDFR's arrest system, which is kind of important, this being a police mod and all. Arresting people is going to be a lot more interactive, more immersive, and more complex than just pushing a button. When you're arresting at gunpoint, you'll have to keep your weapon aimed at the suspect to discourage attempts at flight or attack. During this time, holding the arrest key will fill a progress bar. When it is full, the suspect will lay on the ground. Then, you'll have to walk over to them, and start applying cuffs, once again by holding down a key. Both actions can be interrupted and cancelled by simply releasing the key.

However, for the peaceful cops among you, you can always throw cuffs on someone with a smile on your face. Using the Stop & Identify system, you can now arrest, without a scuffle, any NPC in the game through the menu. However, if you'd like to jump into the arresting straight away, you don't even need the S&I menu, you can just cuff a PED by pressing the key while looking at them.

Are you looking forward to LSPDFR 0.3?


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