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LSPDFR 0.2 For GTA V Preview


We've reported on LSPDFR's 0.1 release some time ago, which is the GTA V version of the widely popular LCPDFR mod for GTA IV. The mod is a total gameplay conversion, putting players in the shoes of law-enforcement officers, giving them the ability to arrest any character, sign vehicles to pull over and to respond to 911 calls. The mod is still in beta, with a host of new features planned in further updates. While the next update was originally only going to be a few bug fixes and tweaks, the 0.1.1 update ended up being filled with so much new content that the development team went ahead and decided to just call the update 0.2.


Some of the features the new update has return from LCPDFR 1.1. Namely, these are the pursuit blips and search areas, the absence of which was a surprise to many a fan familiar with the mod's GTA IV iteration. The system has been upgraded, however, as each vehicle is marked separately, and we also know what kind of vehicle each blip is. Another returning-but-upgraded feature is the police computer. The team put significant effort into making the feature feel a lot more realistic than it did in the previous version, and actually used player profiles from a server they ran on the San Andreas Multiplayer Mod back in 2012. The police computer will let players look up licence plates and names.

Another new feature is the ability to check the IDs of any character, adding a nuanced bit of additional immersion to the mod.


Yet another feature that has already existed in vanilla GTA V to some extent is the addition of the Stun-gun. LSPDFR players will be given a stun-gun whenever they're out on patrol, AI officers will carry stun-guns and the stats of both the weapon and enemies have been tweaked. The police scanner is also making a return, with a much wider variety of audio.

Have you guys played LSPDFR 0.1? What do you think of this mod so far?


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