Loyalty Rewards Haphazardly Handed Out In GTA Online

Since a recent GTA$ 250,000 cash reward and tax rebate in GTA Online was messed up, things have gone from bad to both better and worse depending on how lucky you are, with loyalty rewards now being added into the convoluted mix.

The messy distribution of the previous bonuses continues, but is further muddled with a seemingly random distribution of previously unannounced rewards in varying amounts.

Specimen #1

You wouldn't have thought that giving players free in-game currency could devolve into a controversy, but one quick glance at any GTA themed subreddit or forum will prove otherwise. Near the end of February, Rockstar announced that players logging in before the 27th would be getting GTA$ 250,000 and an additional 10% "tax rebate" on all money spent up to a maximum of GTA$ 1,000,000. The funds were supposed to be released between the 28th of February and the 6th of March.


Thing is, some of the money started being released before this schedule, but in odd amounts. People who didn't log in during that period still got money. Some people got nothing in spite of logging in. Others got random, smaller or even larger amounts, while others got it multiple times.

It wasn't helping things that there were targeted Shark Card sales giving more in-game cash per card, which also got handed out randomly, and sometimes to the wrong player, with instances of one person buying a card, getting the vanilla amount, and then the percentage bonus seemingly going to someone else.

Specimen #2

Now a new kind of bonus has started appearing, which rewards the loyalty of players who have been dedicated to Grand Theft Auto V and Online - at least, on paper.

The reward amount should be GTA$ 1,350,000, but players have been receiving sums as low as GTA$ 2,000 with the same message. It also isn't clear what it takes to be qualified as a dedicated player, since some people who play almost daily since 2013 have gotten nothing, while relatively new players who rarely log have banked amounts upwards of 2 million.

Some have speculated that "loyalty" actually translates to how much you've spent on Shark Cards during your time with GTA Online. However, numerous players have discredited this theory, as non-buying players also received varying amounts of money and some Shark Card buyers got nothing.

This entire mess isn't helped by the misinformation being spread either, with limited ability to confirm the veracity of shared screenshots and player accounts.

Specimen #3

In any case, whether you've been awarded money and how much right now seems to be completely random and we see no easy way out of this whole situation.

One possible downside to all this (aside from the obvious) is that GTA Online may not see any more free money bonuses for a while due to the mess caused by this situation, though we suspect it has something to do with so many various promos and bonuses occurring at the same time.

If you've gotten money, horray for you! Unless you got GTA$ 2,000, which is a bummer - but not as big a bummer as getting nothing. If you got nothing, do not lose hope, as there is still time until the end of the distribution period and you may still get lucky.

Aron Gerencser
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