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It's Lowriders Week In GTA Online


This week is all about Lowriders in Grand Theft Auto Online. The flashy custom cars are at the center of the various bonuses and discounts on offer. Additional bonuses not directly related to lowrider vehicles are also available, and players logging in this week will unlock a new clothing item.

The main double GTA$ and RP bonus this week applies to all eight of Lamar's lowrider missions, added in the eponymous DLC a long time ago. Benny's Original Motor Works acts as the hub for Lamar Davis' newest schemes, so you can trick out your cars and begin new missions all in one place.

Joining Lamar's missions are a trio of Adversary Modes also paying out twice the usual rewards. Hop into a lobby for Inch by Inch for some pseudo-football, Keep the Pace to stay on your toes or In and Out for frantic attacker-defender action while earning double RP and GTA$. To make maximum use of the discounts available, you'll need all that extra cash.


Before we get into those discounts, all players who log into GTA Online through the 17th of April stand to unlock a limited edition Fake Vapid t-shirt, featuring the Vapid typeface and a printed price-tag. It seems these Fake manufacturer tees will be the log-in reward offerings for the next few weeks.

Since this week is all about the Lowriders, it isn't a big surprise that the custom cars are on special offer. When it was released, Lowriders gained a bit of infamy for the high price of the vehicles and upgrades. Though those prices have since been eclipsed by the increasingly wacky weaponized vehicles, they still cost a pretty penny. The fact that Rockstar pumped the game full of additional custom vehicles as dripfeed after the main DLC release means that today you have a huge selection.

The base vehicles, including the Vapid Slamvan, the Vapid Chino, the Pfister Comet, the Declasse Moonbeam and the Dewbauchee Specter are all 30%, while the base Benny's Upgrade is 40% off. These two make up the majority of a custom lowrider's cost. Additional upgrades like Hydraulics, Engine Blocks, Steering Wheels, Air Filters, Trunks and Dials are all 40% off as well.


Over the course of the next week, the top racers of Los Santos will go head to head in three Premium Races. These races require you to put down a small entry sum, but if your skills are up to snuff, you stand to earn big. Starting with one day of Arms Race, players will then move on to The Commute and finish off the week with Criminal Records.

GTA Online has gone quite a while without any substantial DLC, and the players are anxious to learn what's in store for the game. Keep an eye on our feed to learn about the next content update.


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