Lowriders Glitch Allows For Hydraulics Use In Garage

It didn't take long for someone to find a glitch in the newest GTA Online update. Luckily it isn't some infinite money or instant leveling glitch, but instead a rather harmless mod which will produce a few sweet snaps. What do we mean by that? Read on...


GTA V has seen a few more substantial exploits and glitches in the past which allowed players to acquire seemingly endless mounds of cash (and which we generally don't report on for a reason - GTA BOOM only covers legitimate, offical cheats!). These issues, while not hacks in the strict sense of the word (as they are caused by bugs) can cause plenty of damage by suddenly altering the in-game stock market. However, when players find a glitch that lets them bounce around in their garage, who the heck minds?


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While it was undoubtedly someone else who actually found the glitch, it has been popularized by well known GTA youtube iCrazyTeddy and it goes something like this: Normally, when you enter a garage, you relinquish control over your vehicle and until you exit the garage again, the car is on autopilot. However, with this glitch, plus a lowrider with hydraulics installed, you can activate them while inside a garage. Note that activating hydraulics in the garage isn't a gameplay feature of the Lowriders update, so this is most definitely a glitch.

The glitch works with a simple bait and switch method:

  1. Have a buddy and you hop into a lowrider.
  2. Go into your garage and open the player interaction menu.
  3. Leave the lowrider while your buddy stays in.
  4. Get in another car and exit.
  5. Remotely turn on the engine with the player interaction menu.
  6. Go back into the garage and sit into your lowrider.
  7. Press "X" or "A" depending on your setup (Xbox or Playstation) and have some hydraulic fuelled fun!

For bonus points, have some more mates jump in and shoot a pic of your in-garage romp!


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