Los Santos Tuners Reputation Guide

In addition to new rides, contract missions, and cosmetic items, Los Santos Tuners also offers a new progression system called Reputation. Reputation is a new rank-up system similar to how the Arena Wars ranking system works, and the reputation system is completely independent of your base player rank.

Reputation Featured

Los Santos Tuners offers a new location called the Los Santos (LS) Car Meet, where all the players can show off their rides without worrying about griefers. The LS Car Meet is a large parking lot that can be accessed in Cypress Flats.

The LS Car Meet has a lot to offer inside, such as a shop with exclusive clothing, winnable vehicles, a tattoo shop, a quick and easy way to start the new races, and a mod shop to customize your vehicles, among other things.

Membership Benefits

You can visit the LS Car Meet area for free without any form of payment. This lets you look around and marvel at the exotic vehicles inside. However, to access the reputation points and rank up, you will need to buy a membership that costs GTA$50,000. You can buy the membership by talking to Mimi at the car meet.


Ls Car Meet Membership Buying Guide

You are only limited to viewing the LS Car Meet warehouse until you buy the membership. Buying the membership gives you access to a wide array of activities and unlocks a lot of new beneficial features such as:

  • Merch Shop: Merch shop offers exclusive clothing only available to the members of the LS Car Meet. All the items are locked behind the reputation level and become available to purchase once you've reached that reputation level. The merch shop is displayed out of a van inside the car meet.

    Merch Shop Reputation Level

  • Tattoo Parlor: A regular tattoo shop with no new tattoos. It is there just for the sake of quick access to the tattoo shop.

    Tattoo Shop Reputation Level

  • Mod Shop: A mod shop that is easily accessible by sitting in your vehicle and using the in-car vehicle menu. You can modify your vehicle, and other players can watch the modifications taking place in real-time. The LS Car Meet mod shop is the only shop offering the Low Grip Tires added with the Los Santos Tuners update.

    Mod Shop Reputation Level

  • Prize Ride Challenges: Every week, there will be a prize vehicle on display at the LS Car Meet that you can win by completing several challenges.

    Prize Ride Reputation Level

    Note that these challenges can take days!

    Prize Ride Reputation Level

  • Private Takeover: Once you've reached reputation level 20, you can pay Mimi GTA$50,000 to have the entire LS Car Meet space for yourself. You can then use your interaction menu to invite or grant access to other players in the Free Roam Lobby. You can also get a range of interior customization options such as banners (with crew logo) and light colors.
  • Test Rides & Test Tracks: You can enter the test track by getting in one of the test rides available by default or using your own personal vehicle (via the vehicle menu).

    Test Ride Reputation Level

    You can also directly buy the test rides by walking up and interacting with them.

    Test Ride Reputation Level

    You can have different races in test tracks, time trials, and even a "head-to-head" race with another player.

    Test Track Race Menu Reputation Level

    You can also spectate other players by going into spectator zones, which are two secured raised areas around the test tracks.

    Spectate Test Track Reputation Level

    The zones are indicated by a steering wheel when outside the LS Car Meet parking lot. The entrance is behind the building.

    Spectator Mode Entrance Reputation Level

  • 5% Discount & Trade Prices: You can modify your vehicle at your Auto Shop and receive a 5% discount on all modifications. You also get trade prices on several vehicles as you progress through the reputation levels.

Ranking System (Reputation Points & Reputation Level)

The first level is automatically unlocked upon purchasing the membership from Mimi at the LS Car Meet for GTA$50,000. The number of reputation points (RP) required to reach reputation level 2 is 95, followed by 100 for level 3... you must be noticing a pattern here. The number of points required for the next rank goes up by 5 points each time. For instance, for reputation level 4, you will need 105. For level 5, you will need 110, and so on.

Reputation Bar Reputation Level

You will need a total of 1,100 points to reach reputation level 200. The points required to rank up beyond level 200 do not change and always remain the same, that is, 1,100 points. So, if you want to rank up to reputation level 201, you will need an additional 1,100 points. If you want to rank up to 202, the extra points required will still be 1,100, and so on. This means you need a cumulative 997,400 points to reach reputation level 1,000.

Earning RP

There are two main ways through which you can earn RP and level up your reputation - Activities & Racing.


Before we get into the details of the racing and how it rewards you with the RP, you must understand the amount of RP you get from doing different activities in and around the LS Car Meet. You can earn RP in many ways, including first-time activity bonuses, daily bonuses, and passive earnings.

First-Time Activity Bonuses

The first-time activity bonuses are awarded only once in the game. These are awarded when you complete the listed activities for the first time.

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Street Race Pic Reputation Level

You are awarded 75 points for each activity completion.

Complete a street race for the first time 75
Complete a pursuit race for the first time 75
Complete a sprint race for the first time 75
Complete a scramble race for the first time 75
Complete a head-to-head race for the first time 75
Enter the test track with a personal vehicle 75
Modifying your personal vehicle at the LS Car Meet Mod Shop 75
Set a time for the time trial 75

Daily Bonuses

The following activities will award you 50 points once every day. When you've completed an activity, you need to wait for 24 hrs (real-time) to be able to earn RP from the same activity again. You earn 50 points for completing each activity except for the last three, where you must enter the LS Car Meet parking lot for 7, 14, and 30 days consecutively.

If you continue to enter the parking lot daily beyond 30 days and keep up with your streak, you will continue to receive 500 points daily.

Attend the LS Car Meet 50
Bringing & parking your personal vehicle in the LS Car Meet 50
Modifying your personal vehicle at the LS Car Meet Mod Shop 50
Participating in the test track using personal vehicle 50
Participating in the test track using a test ride 50
Complete a test track lap during time trial 50
Complete a test track scramble race 50
Complete a test track head-to-head race 50
Complete a pursuit race 50
Complete a street race 50
Complete a sprint race 50
Enter the LS Car Meet 7 days in a row 100
Enter the LS Car Meet 14 days in a row 250
Enter the LS Car Meet 30 days in a row 500

Passive Bonuses

If you're inside the LS Car Meet, you will passively earn RP. If you spend 4 minutes inside the car meet, you will be awarded 10 points. This has a limit of only 10 times until you hit a cooldown of 8 minutes. This means you can earn a maximum of 100 points in 40 minutes when inside the car meet parking lot, after which you will not earn any points for the next 8 minutes. Then, after the 8 minutes passes by, you will start earning the points for the next 40 minutes again, and the cycle continues.

You can also double your points if you're wearing any of the LS Tuners clothing items inside the car meet. For example, if you are wearing any one of the clothing items, such as the Emperor Motors Tee, you will earn 100 points in 40 minutes, similar to the points you would earn when idle without the tee. This will double the points you get meaning 200 points every 40 minutes.

Emperor Hat Passive Bonus Reputation Level

You can also earn points when buying LS Tuners clothing items from the clothing shop inside the LS Car Meet. You will earn 25 points on every purchase.


Another method of earning the RP is by completing the races and challenges. Every race you complete awards you some RP.

Street Race Pic Reputation Level

The amount of RP you get is based on two primary things: your position in the race and the number of competitors. You can easily start a race by talking to the race organizer at the LS Car Meet parking lot.

Race Organizer Reputation Level

The following tables show the number of RP you get per race type, your position, and the number of competitors.

Street Race

5-8 4 3 2
1st 80 60 60 40
2nd 64 48 48 40
3rd 48 36 36
4th 40 30
5th 32
6th 24
7th 20
8th 16

Pursuit Race

9-16 5-8 3-4 1-2
1st 100 80 60 40
2nd 80 64 48 32
3rd 60 48 36
4th 50 40 30
5th 40 32
6th 60 48
7th 25 20
8th 20 16
9th 15
10th 10
11th - 16th 5

Sprint Race

4 3 2
1st 60 50 40
2nd 48 40 32
3rd 36 30
4th 30

Scramble Race

4 3 2
1st 60 50 40
2nd 48 40 32
3rd 36 30
4th 30


1st 30
2nd 15

Reputation Level Unlocks

The following are all the unlocks in the new reputation system. Please note that the trade prices for the vehicles are unlocked every 5 levels. The trade prices will continue to unlock for all the vehicles as long as there are trade prices to unlock. Once all the vehicle trade prices have been unlocked, they will stop unlocking. Since this has been explained here, we have not included the trade price unlocks after every 5 levels starting from reputation level 50 and above.

1 • Euros Trade Price
• LS Car Meet Features
Trade Price / Gameplay Feature
2 Emperor Forwards & Backwards Caps Clothing (Hat)
3 Beige Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
4 Gray Emperor Classic Hoodie Clothing (Top)
5 • Random Vehicle Trade Price
• Pursuit Series Races from the Race Organizer
Trade Price / Gameplay Feature
6 Cyan Check Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
7 Dinka SPL Retro Racing Wheel Mod
8 Blue Hayes Retro Racing Clothing (Top)
9 White Emperor Motors Tee Clothing (Top)
10 • Random Vehicle Trade Price
• Quick Fix Auto Shop Contracts Ability
Trade Price / Gameplay Feature
11 Cyan Check Puffer Clothing (Top)
12 Speed Trail Euros Livery
13 Never Barcode Print Hoodie Clothing (Top)
14 Hayes Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
15 • Random Vehicle Trade Price
• Diversion Auto Shop Contracts Ability
Trade Price / Gameplay Feature
16 Gray Leather Bomber Clothing (Top)
17 Chokusen Dorifuto Futo GTX Livery
18 Karin Forwards & Backwards Caps Clothing (Hat)
19 Cream Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
20 • Random Vehicle Trade Price
• Private Takeover Feature
Trade Price / Gameplay Feature
21 Yellow Pfister Hoodie Clothing (Top)
22 Retro Turbofan Wheel Mod
23 Red Check Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
24 White Hayes Retro Racing Clothing (Top)
25 • Random Vehicle Trade Price
• Setup Auto Stop Contracts Ability
Trade Price / Gameplay Feature
26 Navy Emperor Motors Tee Clothing (Top)
27 Stance Andreas RT3000 Livery
28 Red Check Puffer Clothing (Top)
29 Never Triangle Print Hoodie Clothing (Top)
30 • Random Vehicle Trade Price
• Wingman Auto Shop Contracts Ability
Trade Price / Gameplay Feature
31 LTD Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
32 10 Minute Car Jester RR Livery
33 Green Crowex Racing Suit Outfit
34 Mustard Tan Leather Bomber Clothing (Top)
35 Random Vehicle Trade Price Trade Price
36 Omnis Forwards & Backwards Caps Clothing (Hat)
37 Conical Turbofan Wheel Mod
38 Black Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
39 Green Emperor Classic Hoodie Clothing (Tops)
40 Random Vehicle Trade Price Trade Price
41 Green Geo Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Tops)
42 Atomic Drift Team ZR350 Livery
43 White Globe Oil Retro Racing Clothing (Tops)
44 Yellow Annis Rally Tee Clothing (Top)
45 Random Vehicle Trade Price Trade Price
46 Green Geo Puffer Clothing (Top)
47 Classic Vulcar Warrener HKR Livery
48 Life ZigZag Print Hoodie Clothing (Top)
49 Blue Dinka Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
50 Gray Benefactor Racing Suit Outfit
51 Orange Tan Leather Bomber Clothing (Top)
52 Ice Storm Wheel Mod
53 Annis Forwards & Backwards Caps Clothing (Hat)
54 Gray & Purple Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
55 Blue Xero Gas Racing Suit Outfit
56 Gray Pfister Hoodie Clothing (Top)
57 Fukaru Rally Calico GTF Livery
58 Black Geno Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
59 Green Crowex Retro Racing Clothing (Top)
60 Black Crowex Racing Suit Outfit
61 Blue Annis Noise Tee Clothing (Top)
62 Blue Lighting Remus Livery
63 Black Geo Puffer Clothing (Top)
64 Life Static Print Hoodie Clothing (Top)
65 Dark Benefactor Racing Suit Outfit
66 Red Dinka Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
67 Super Turbine Wheel Mod
68 Chestnut Tan Leather Bomber Clothing (Top)
69 Vapid Forwards & Backwards Caps Clothing (Hat)
70 Red Xero Gas Racing Suit Outfit
71 Gray & Magenta Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
72 Oldschool Oval Dominator GTT Livery
73 Black Vapid Ellie Hoodie Clothing (Top)
74 Cream Bigness Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
75 Wildstyle Racing Suit Outfit
76 Red Globe Oil Retro Racing Clothing (Top)
77 Crevis Race Tailgater S Livery
78 Light Dinka Tee Clothing (Top)
79 Cream Bigness Puffer Clothing (Top)
80 Modern Mesh Wheel Mod
81 Never Crosshair Print Hoodie Clothing (Top)
82 Drift Tribe Euros Livery
83 Yellow Vapid Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
84 Dark Tan Leather Bomber Clothing (Top)
85 Forged Star Wheel Mod
86 Light Dinka Forwards & Backwards Caps Clothing (Hat)
87 Drift King Futo GTX Livery
88 Gray & Aqua Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
89 Gray Karin Hoodie Clothing (Top)
90 Showflake Karin Hoodie Clothing (Top)
91 Purple Bigness Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
92 Atomic Motorsport RT3000 Livery
93 Black Crowex Retro Racing Clothing (Top)
94 Black Annis Noise Tee Clothing (Top)
95 Giga Mesh Wheel Mod
96 Purple Bigness Puffer Clothing (Top)
97 Yogarishima Jester RR Livery
98 Hiding Print Hoodie Clothing (Top)
99 Übermacht Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
100 Mesh Meister Wheel Mod
101 Ox Blood Leather Bomber Clothing (Top)
102 Kisama Chevrons ZR350 Livery
103 Dark Dinka Forwards & Backwards Caps Clothing (Hat)
104 White & Pink Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoe)
105 N/A N/A
106 Navy Vapid Ellie Hoodie Clothing (Top)
107 Classic Vulcar Alt Warrener HKR Livery
108 Green Aztec Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
109 Disruption Rally Clothing (Top)
110 N/A N/A
111 Blue Atomic Retro Racing Clothing (Top)
112 Annis Tech Remus Livery
113 Dark Dinka Tee Clothing (Top)
114 Resto Mod Racer Dominator GTT Livery
115 N/A N/A
116 Green Aztec Puffer Clothing (Top)
117 Redwood Tailgater S Livery
118 Life Binary Print Hoodie Clothing (Top)
119 King Scorpion Euros Livery
120 N/A N/A
121 White Güffy Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
122 Tandem Battle Futo GTX Livery
123 Dark Nut Leather Bomber Clothing (Top)
124 Dinka Performance RT3000 Livery
125 N/A N/A
126 White Güffy Forwards & Backwards Caps Clothing (Hat)
127 Fuque Jester RR Livery
128 Gray & Yellow Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
129 Winning is Winning ZR350 Livery
130 N/A N/A
131 Navy Karin Hoodie Clothing (Top)
132 Redwood Racing Warrener HKR Livery
133 Black Aztec Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
134 Redwood Rally Calico GTF Livery
135 N/A N/A
136 Yellow Atomic Retro Racing Clothing (Top)
137 Atomic Motorsport Remus Livery
138 Light Vapid Ellie Tee Clothing (Top)
139 Flame On Dominator GTT Livery
140 N/A N/A
141 Black Aztec Puffer Clothing (Top)
142 Disruption Logistics Tailgater S Livery
143 Lucky Penny Print Hoodie Clothing (Top)
144 Sprunk Light Euros Livery
145 N/A N/A
146 Black Güffy Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
147 Itasha Drift Futo GTX Livery
148 Navy Blue Leather Bomber Clothing (Top)
149 Shiny Wasabi Kitty RT3000 Livery
150 N/A N/A
151 Black Güffy Forwards & Backwards Caps Clothing (Hat)
152 Xeros Gas Rally Jester RR Livery
153 Grayscale Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
154 Annis Racing Tribal ZR350 Livery
155 N/A N/A
156 Light Obey Hoodie Clothing (Top)
157 Vulcar Turbo Warrener HKR Livery
158 Cream Splinter Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
159 Prolaps Rally Calico GTF Livery
160 N/A N/A
161 Blue Redwood Retro Racing Clothing (Top)
162 Shiny Wasabi Kitty Remus Livery
163 Dark Vapid Ellie Tee Clothing (Top)
164 The Patriot Dominator GTT Livery
165 N/A N/A
166 Cream Splinter Puffer Clothing (Top)
167 Colored Camo Tailgater S Livery
168 Light Dinka Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
169 Candybox Gold Euros Livery
170 N/A N/A
171 Dark Green Leather Bomber Clothing (Top)
172 Stance Andreas Futo GTX Livery
173 Hellion Forwards & Backwards Caps Clothing (Hat)
174 Total Fire RT3000 Livery
175 N/A N/A
176 Gray & Cyan Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
177 Split Siberia Jester RR Livery
178 Black Übermacht Hoodie Clothing (Top)
179 Annis Racing Tribal Alt ZR350 Livery
180 N/A N/A
181 Dark Splinter Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
182 Vulcar Turbo Alt Warrener HKR Livery
183 White Logo Ruiner Tee Clothing (Top)
184 Xero Gas Rally Calico GTF Livery
185 N/A N/A
186 Dark Splinter Puffer Clothing (Top)
187 Fukaru Motorsport Remus Livery
188 Dark Dinka Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
189 70s Street Machine Dominator GTT Livery
190 N/A N/A
191 White Leather Bomber Clothing (Top)
192 Army Camo Solid Tailgater S Livery
193 Lampadati Forwards & Backwards Caps Clothing (Hat)
194 Lilac Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
195 N/A N/A
196 Dark Obey Hoodie Clothing (Top)
197 Green Latin Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
198 Gray Vapid Truck Tee Clothing (Top)
199 Green Latin Puffer Clothing (Top)
200 N/A N/A
201 Blue Bravado Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
202 Red Leather Bomber Clothing (Top)
203 White Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
204 Red Übermacht Hoodie Clothing (Top)
205 N/A N/A
206 Black Latin Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
207 White Obey Omnis Tee Clothing (Top)
208 Black Latin Puffer Clothing (Top)
209 Black Bravado Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
210 N/A N/A
211 Ice Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
212 Blue Annis Noise Hoodie Clothing (Top)
213 Orange Camo Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
214 Light Blue Vapid Truck Tee Clothing (Top)
215 N/A N/A
216 Orange Camo Puffer Clothing (Top)
217 Imponte Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
218 Aqua Sole Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
219 Green Emperor Modern Hoodie Clothing (Top)
220 N/A N/A
221 Aqua Camo Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
222 Black Vapid USA Tee Clothing (Top)
223 Aqua Camo Puffer Clothing (Top)
224 Xero Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
225 N/A N/A
226 Smoky Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
227 Gray Annis Noise Hoodie Clothing (Top)
228 Gradient Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
229 Red Obey Omnis Tee Clothing (Top)
230 N/A N/A
231 Gradient Puffer Clothing (Top)
232 White & Gold Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
233 Dark Emperor Modern Hoodie Clothing (Top)
234 Red Logo Ruiner Tee Clothing (Top)
235 N/A N/A
236 Orange Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
237 Light Dinka Hoodie Clothing (Top)
238 Blue Bravado Gauntlet Tee Clothing (Top)
239 Pink Vibrant Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
240 N/A N/A
241 Gold Lampadati Hoodie Clothing (Top)
242 Black Bravado Gauntlet Tee Clothing (Top)
243 Lime Highlight Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
244 Dark Dinka Hoodie Clothing (Top)
245 Pfister Pocket Tee Clothing (Top)
246 Purple Fade Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
247 Karin 90s Tee Clothing (Top)
248 Teal Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
249 Black & Lime Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
250 Cyan Fade Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
251 N/A N/A
300 Red Highlight Knit Sneakers Clothing (Shoes)
350 Broker Forwards & Backwards Caps Clothing (Hat)
400 Annis Hellion 4x4 Tee Clothing (Top)
450 Pink Gradient Sleeveless Puffer Clothing (Top)
500 Fade Broker Modern Racing Clothing (Top)
550 Tricolor Lampadati Hoodie Clothing (Top)
600 Mono Leather Bomber Clothing (Top)
650 Pink Gradient Puffer Clothing (Top)
700 Red Redwood Retro Racing Clothing (Top)
750 Crash Out Print Hoodie Clothing (Top)
800 N/A N/A
850 N/A N/A
900 N/A N/A
950 N/A N/A
1000 Tuned for Speed Racing Suit Outfit

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