Los Santos Tuners Guide to All Contracts & Payouts

The Union Depository Contract

Elevator Key (Planning Work)

In this mission, you need to find an elevator key and steal an armored vehicle for some security gear.

You will be asked to make your way to an apartment where you need to take out some guards and a corrupt businessman.


Apartment Entrance

Once you've taken out the guards, the businessman will be in the master bedroom. Eliminate him and get close to his body for him to be identified.

Fighting the guards inside the apartment

You can use sticky bombs or grenades to take out the businessman. It would be best to avoid his line of sight as he possesses a strong assault shotgun that does quite a lot of damage.

Once identified, interact with his body to obtain the elevator key.

High profile corrupt businessman

After getting the elevator key, make your way to the elevator that leads to the garage. Before you go in the elevator, make sure to heal up and armor up if you're low on both, as you will get into another gunfight as soon as you enter the garage.

Elevator that leads to the garage

As soon as you are in the garage, quickly take cover behind the car to your right and take out all the guards.

Taking cover behind the car in the garage
Blind firing the guards

After taking out the guards, locate the security vehicle, which is a black armored vehicle. When you get close to the vehicle, it will be marked.

Security vehicle identified

Get into the vehicle, and you will be asked to drop the vehicle at one of the three marked locations around the Union Depository.

Driving the security vehicle to one of the marked getaway locations

We recommend you drop the vehicle at the marked location circled in the image shown below.

This is the best getaway location

This location is recommended as during the final robbery. This one is the nearest getaway location. You will need to run across the street from the union depository. Yes, you will still need to fight the cops, but that is for every marked location. This particular location is relatively easy.

Parking the car at the getaway location

Leave the area to complete the mission once you've parked the security vehicle at the marked location.

Leaving the area to complete the mission

Vault Code (Planning Work)

This mission is quite simple. You need to steal a police helicopter and use it to identify the bank manager's vehicle. You then need to follow the bank manager to the hotel and take incriminating photos of his affair to blackmail him for the Vault Codes.

First, you need to make your way to Los Santos International Airport. You will find a police maverick parked at the airport.

Police maverick at the LSIA

Kill the cops around the maverick and steal it. You will instantly get a 3-star wanted level.

Eliminating the cops to steal the maverick

Fly high into the air and lose the cops before making your way to the union depository parking lot.

Flying high to lose the cops

Once you reach the parking lot, use a mounted surveillance camera to scan a blue comet's number plate. The vehicle will be identified as the vehicle of the bank manager. You can even see him sitting inside the vehicle.

Scanning the blue comet's number plate
Bank manager's vehicle identified

After scanning, the bank manager will start driving towards the hotel to meet the person he is having an affair with. Tail him to the hotel but make sure you keep your distance when following the manager to stay undetected.

Following the bank manager to the hotel

You will see a detection meter at the bottom right corner of the screen. It will gradually fill up if you get too close to the manager for too long.

Detection meter

When he reaches the hotel, you need to search the rooftop and balconies of the hotel to find him. Use the surveillance cam to locate the bank manager. The bank manager will always be somewhere on the balconies or rooftop, but the location is always random.

Hotel rooftop / balconies
Bank manager located

Once located, wait for him to hug the person he is with to capture an incriminating or compromising photo of him.

Bank manager in a compromising position, perfect for a photo

If you take the correct photo, you will get a message to wait for Sessanta to contact you. Wait for her to confirm the photo is correct and then leave the area to complete the mission.

Leaving the area
Planning work completed

The Robbery (Final Job)

Before starting this finale, make sure you fully stock up on super heavy armor and snacks for this mission. You can get the snacks from your auto shop for free.

Snacks at the auto shop

You will need to buy the super heavy armor from the nearest Ammu-nation, though.

Buying super heavy armor

Select the 'Hustler' as your weapon loadout as it has a Bullpup Rifle Mk II, an effective rifle to use against the enemies in this finale.

Selecting the 'Hustler' loadout

For the vehicle, it doesn't matter which vehicle you choose as long as it is fast. It would help if you installed louvers and got bulletproof tires. But, we will be losing the cops quite early during the finale, so Seassanta's yellow tailgater should suffice.

Vehicle selection - Sessanta's yellow tailgater

First, you will need to park your getaway vehicle at the marked location where you parked the security vehicle during the planning work.

Security vehicle at the earlier marked getaway location

Get into the security vehicle and make your way to the union depository.

Driving the security vehicle to the union depository parking lot

Park the vehicle and walk to the elevator. You will automatically show your ID badge.

Walking to the elevator
Showing the ID badge to the guard

Enter the elevator and swipe your ID pass to get to the basement where the vault is.

Swiping the ID badge to activate the elevator
Going down to the basement

You will find the main vault as soon as you're out of the elevator. Walk up to the vault to input the code and enter the vault.

Main Vault
Entering the vault code to open the door

Once inside, go to the marked gold and grab it. You will have a bag capacity shown at the bottom right corner.

Vault door opened
Entered the main vault

Keep grabbing until it is full. You will only be able to clean one table completely and get half of the other table if you're playing solo.

Stealing gold bars

The cops will be alerted after grabbing the gold from one table. Don't worry about the cops and continue to grab the gold from the other table.

Cops alerted - 5 star wanted level

Now, make your way outside but do not rush. Get into cover and take out the guards before moving forward. This is not a time-sensitive mission. Do not get over-eager, and remain patient.

Taking cover to take out the guards at the vault door
Eliminating the guard next to the elevator

After taking out the guards, run to the elevator, and you will be back at the surface.

Entering the elevator to go back up to the surface

There will be a cutscene of the NOOSE showing up to the scene.

Cutscene of more cops showing up

Now, you need to make your way to the getaway vehicle. Keep clearing the cops and run to the left side after you've exited the union depository.

Eliminating the cops outside

You will see many cops and NOOSE members. Eliminate them while in cover and move forward. Always remember to keep an eye out for your health and armor bar. If it's critically low, get into cover and first heal up before proceeding.

Eating snacks and applying super heavy armor

When you are near the exit, do not move forward towards the exit. Stay back in cover and take out the cops first. This is because if you move forward, another batch spawns in, and having the previously spawned cops with the new batch can get overwhelming. You will drop dead this way.

First batch of cops at the parking entrance
Second batch of cops coming out

Keep an eye behind you when running towards the exit as the cops can still spawn behind you.

Some cops spawning behind

Run across the street, and you will be in the parking lot with the getaway vehicle. Two more cop cars will show up. Take out the cops and get into your vehicle.

Running across the street and to the getaway vehicle
Getaway vehicle and two more cop cars show up

You will have a 5-star wanted level, and the easiest way to lose the cops is to hide in the sewer tunnels. Go to the marked location shown below. This marked location is the entrance of the tunnel.

Sewer tunnel entrance marked
Sewer tunnel entrance

Stay inside until you've lost the cops and then deliver the gold to the client to complete this mission.

Reached the drop-off point
Gold delivered to the client


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