Los Santos Tuners Guide to All Contracts & Payouts

The Lost Contract

The Lost Contract has three missions: Lab Locations, Transport Method, and the final job, "The Lost Contract."

Lab Locations (Planning Work)

In this mission, you need to head over to one of the Lost MC clubhouses and steal some equipment, including explosives. There are two ways you can complete this mission - aggressive or sneaky. Aggressive is self-explanatory and will require you to fight your way into and out of the clubhouse. The best method to do it is by sneaking your way in using a disguise. When the mission starts, there will be a new vehicle icon on your minimap.


Slamvan icon on the minimap

Go to the vehicle location and you will find a parked black slamvan with some Lost MC members guarding the area. Take them out and get in the van. Be careful as one of the guards has a shotgun.

Lost MC member guarding the slamvan
The Slamvan

Drive the van to the Lost MC clubhouse and the backdoors of the van will automatically open up for you.

Driving the van to the Lost MC Clubhouse
The rear doors automatically opens up

When you approach the vehicle's trunk you will get an option to equip Lost MC Outfit, which will allow you to blend in with the rest of the gang members.

Equipping the Lost MC Outfit

Before you head inside the clubhouse make sure you call in your personal vehicle, just in case things go south when you're making your way out of the clubhouse. This will allow you to escape quickly.

Calling in the personal vehicle

Make your way inside the clubhouse while avoiding bumping into the gang members, and also make sure to not stay in their cones of vision for too long or you will get detected.

Lost MC Clubhouse Entrance

Always check the room to your left as soon as you enter as it can also contain the equipment.

Room with potential equipment to the left as soon as you enter

There is a room by the stairs that usually has a safe you can loot for some documents.

Room with a safe
Safe with documents

After getting the documents make your way upstairs and you will find a duffle bag with explosives inside of it. The duffle bag will be resting on a stack of beer cartons.

Stairs leading upstairs
Duffle bag containing explosives

Once you've collected the equipment and documents, carefully make your way back out of the clubhouse and run to your vehicle.

Running to the clubhouse exit
Personal vehicle called in before entering the clubhouse

Deliver the equipment to your Auto Shop to complete this mission. If you alert the guards, you will be chased by the Lost MC members until you are near the Auto Shop.

Delivering the equipment to the Auto Shop
Lab Locations planning work mission completed

Transport Method (Planning Work)

In this mission, you need to find the cargo list and a transport vehicle to later deliver that cargo to the drop-off site during the finale. There are two ways you can complete the second half of this mission, but the first half remains the same.

First, you will need to make your way to Elysian Island. You can get one of two locations on the island.

Elysian Island

When you get close to the yellow destination marker, you will see white dots appear on your minimap. These are the Lost MC members. Make sure you are on foot and not in a vehicle.

White dots appear on the minimap

When you see the dots keep your distance and wait for them to leave the area.

Lost MC gang members leaving the area

Once they're gone one of the white dots will turn blue. This is the dock foreman who has the cargo list. Follow the foreman until he reaches a quiet place and his icon turns red.

Following the dock foreman

Use your suppressed weapon to take him out.

Switching to a suppressed weapon. Any suppressed weapon should work
Eliminating the dock foreman

Once the foreman has been eliminated you will see his cargo list on the ground. Take a picture of the cargo list and send it over to Sessanta. If the picture is not registered, zoom in on the cargo list and it should be registered.

Zoom into the cargo list to ensure it registers as a picture
Sending the image to Sessanta

Now we move onto the second half of the mission, where you need to find and deliver a Truck Cab to the drop-off point. Usually, there is always a truck at the docks where you get the cargo list.

Truck cab at the docks

All you need to do is get into the truck and drive it to the drop-off point.

However, the delivery can be made a lot more convenient if you've bought a Phantom Wedge from the Warstock Cache & Carry store. It costs GTA$2,553,600 (SecuroServ Trade Price is GTA$1,920,000). Remember, this is just an optional step if you have the Phantom Wedge. You can simply deliver the regular truck cab if you do not own a Phantom Wedge.

Phantom Wedge on the Warstock Cache & Carry Store

If you own a Phantom Wedge, make your way to the marked location shown on the map below. This is where you would usually get a marker to drop the truck. Since we are not in a truck, we can add a custom marker to reach the location in one of our personal vehicles. You can either use an Oppressor Mark II or a Buzzard helicopter.

Truck cab drop-off point vicinity

Once at the location, send your personal vehicle to the storage and request the Phantom Wedge from the special vehicle option.

Sending the personal vehicle back to storage
Calling in the Phantom Wedge

When the Phantom Wedge is delivered get into it and you will get a yellow marker pointing you to the Harmony Storage Yard, the place you're already next to.

Phantom Wedge spawned
Delivering the Phantom Wedge to the drop-off point

Deliver the truck to the yard to complete this mission. The advantage of having the Phantom Wedge is the big protective metal on the front that helps fend off Lost MC members during the final job.

Transport Method planning work mission completed

The Lost Contract (Final Job)

The final job involves heavy gunfights and it is highly recommended that you stock up on snacks and super heavy armor before starting it. You can get the snacks for free from your Auto Shop, and you can buy the armor from the nearest Ammu-Nation.

Snacks and Armor Interaction Menu

As the mission is combat-heavy, select 'Hustler' as your weapon loadout because it has a Bullpup Rifle Mk II, an effective rifle.

Selecting the 'Hustler' loadout

Just like before, it doesn't matter which vehicle you choose as long as it is fast. It would help if you installed louvers and got bulletproof tires. But, that is only possible on a purchased Los Santos Tuners DLC vehicle. If you can afford it, we recommend buying the Jester RR. If you cannot afford the Jester RR, Sessanta's yellow tailgater is good enough, which is available for the final jobs by default.

Selecting the custom Jester RR

There are four meth labs that you need to destroy in this mission. We recommend starting with the southernmost lab. The good thing about these labs is that starting from the southern meth lab, you can drive your way up north, hitting all the labs with no left or right turns.

Southernmost Meth Lab

All these meth labs are heavily guarded and you can stay in your vehicle and back up to the locations, killing the gang members before you get an opening to enter the meth lab. You can also always try and park the car near the lab entrance and kill the Lost MC members before entering the labs.

Eliminating the Lost MC gang members at the meth lab site

If you start from the southernmost lab, you will have a single guard inside the first lab, no guard in the second, a guard with a shotgun inside the third lab, and no guard in the last lab. This is assuming you've hit the labs starting from the southernmost lab all the way up to the northernmost lab.

Guard in the first meth lab (southernmost lab)

When you get inside the lab, eliminate the guard (if any) and then eat snacks or armor up if needed.

Eating snacks and armoring up before planting the explosives

After that, plant the bomb (and, again, only plant after eating the snacks and armoring up as the detonation is timed), and get out of the lab as soon as possible.

Planting the explosives
Detonation timer

Get into your vehicle and then make your way to the rest of the labs. Once you've destroyed the final lab, you will need to go to your truck cab or Phantom Wedge.

Truck Cab / Phantom Wedge Location
Collected the phantom wedge

Get inside the truck and drive it to the marked tanker location to steal it. It will be heavily surrounded by Lost MC members, so make sure you open up your snacks menu just in case your health decreases drastically.

Driving to the tanker with the snacks menu open

If you are patient enough, you can try and kill off the members until things calm down a bit. This gives you enough time to back up the truck into the tanker and get it hooked onto it.

The truck cab attached to the tanker

If you're using the Phantom Wedge, do not drive directly into the tanker as it will misplace the tanker. This will make it ten times harder for you to attach the tanker, as the positioning will get very awkward amidst all the incoming shots from the Lost MC gang members.

Once hooked, deliver the tanker to the drop-off site to complete the mission. The bikers will chase you down but keep driving, and you should be fine. If you have the Phantom Wedge, you can just run them over.

The metal shield in front of the truck helps you run over the vehicles easily

Deliver the tanker to the drop-off point to successfully complete the job.

Delivering the tanker to the drop-off point
The Lost Contract completed


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