Los Santos Tuners Guide to All Contracts & Payouts

The Superdollar Deal

The Superdollar Deal Contract has three missions: Tracking Device, Virus Software, and The Robbery.

Tracking Device (Planning Work)

We highly recommend you use either an Oppressor Mk II or a Buzzard helicopter for this particular mission. It will help you escape Fort Zancudo more easily later.


Oppressor Mark II used for this mission

It is also recommended that you have super heavy armor and a full stock of snacks as you will be getting into a heavy gunfight at the hangar.

There are two ways to get into Fort Zancudo. The first is by simply flying using your Oppressor or Buzzard helicopter. The second is by using a vehicle that spawns while you're on your way to Fort Zancudo. When you're near the fort, an army vehicle spawns nearby, which you can hijack and use to pass the security checkpoint at the main fort entrance.

The available vehicle that can be used to infiltrate Fort Zancudo

Get to Fort Zancudo and go to the very last hangar labeled 'A1.'

A1 Hangar

You will notice that this hangar is heavily guarded with army personnel.

Park your Oppressor or Buzzard right outside the hangar on the left side, so you can escape easily.

Parking the vehicle (oppressor or buzzard) on the left side of the hangar

There is a transporter inside which you need to take a picture of. You can sneak your way to the transporter, but it doesn't matter. In our experience, those guards are always alerted.

When you get inside the hangar, you will automatically locate the transporter, which is in the middle of the hangar.

The transporter in the middle of the hangar is located

Take a picture of the transporter and send it to Sessanta.

Taking a picture of the transporter and sending it to Sessanta

After the picture, wait for Sessanta to contact you. This is when she will ask you to plant the tracker on the transporter. You can either sneak (which never works) your way to the transporter or kill some guards on the way and buy a bit of time before more guards are alerted.

Fighting through the army personnel to plant the tracker

Go to the transporter and plant it on the side of the truck, near the rear end.

Planting the tracking device on the transporter

Once planted, the whole army in the hangar will be after you. The easiest way to get out of this is to let them kill you.

Allowing the character to die so he can spawn outside the hangar for easier escape.

Once you're dead, you will spawn right outside the hangar, and you can run to your Buzzard or Oppressor parked outside.

Spawned right outside the hangar on the left side
Ran to the oppressor after spawning and off we go

Get on your Oppressor or Buzzard and make a run for it. Leave Fort Zancudo and keep flying until you lose the cops. The mission will be completed once you've lost the cops.

Left Fort Zancudo and lost the cops to complete the mission

Virus Software (Planning Work)

This is one of the easiest missions. You need to make your way to the marked location and find a hacker. You can identify the hacker by looking at the picture that Sessanta sends you.

Sessanta sends hacker's image

When you find the hacker, he will panic and make a run for his apartment. Chase him to his apartment.

General vicinity of the hacker's whereabouts
Hacker panics and makes a run for it

He will go inside his apartment where he has two guards and himself all armed and ready to shoot at you as soon as you enter.

Chasing the hacker to his apartment
Hacker entering his apartment

Enter the apartment and eliminate these three.

One of the two guards inside hacker's apartment
The hacker inside his apartment now armed

After killing them, steal the virus software from the dinner table next to the kitchen and leave the apartment.

Flash drive containing the virus software

Deliver the virus to the Auto Shop to complete the mission. Backup forces will arrive on your way to the Auto Shop, but ignore them and keep driving, and you should be okay.

Delivering the virus software to the Auto Shop

The Robbery (Final Job)

When starting the mission, select 'Sharpshooter' as your weapon loadout because we need the sticky bombs for this mission. It'll make our life much easier.

Selecting the 'Sharpshooter' weapon loadout for the Sticky Bombs

After starting the mission, you won't have any navigational guidelines, just the transporters icon on your map. You can use your map to mark it and then drive to it.

The location of the transporter

Make your way to the transporter and use all five of your sticky bombs on the transporter.

Throwing sticky bombs on the transporter

You will notice the health of the transporter will go down. You will also notice there is a black line at the end of the transporter health bar.

The health bar of the transporter with the black reference line

You need to reduce the health of the transporter to just below the black line for it to stop. Do not go all the way down, though, or else you will fail the mission.

As soon as the transporter stops you will see a blue marker behind the transporter indicating that you can now enter the truck. There will also be a chopper hovering above you. Take out the chopper first before you leave your vehicle.

Destroying the chopper before leaving the car
Entering the transporter

Also, park the car directly beside the entry marker. This way, you can quickly get in the car for your escape.

Enter the truck and use the virus to open the locked door.

Installing the virus in the terminal

Go through the door once it is unlocked and you will come across two more guards inside. Just take them out.

Eliminating the guards inside the transporter

After that, search four crates inside for bank plates. Steal all the bank plates and leave the transporter.

Stealing the bank plates from one of the four crates

Get inside the car and make your way to the client. Reinforcements will arrive, but if you keep driving you'll be fine.

Getting back into the car to deliver the plates to the client

The mission will be completed after delivering the plates to the client.

Reached the drop-off site
Delivering the plates to the client


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