Los Santos Tuners Guide to All Contracts & Payouts

The Prison Contract

The Prison Contract has three missions: Inside Man, Access Point, and The Prison Contract.

Inside Man (Planning Work)

In the "Inside Man" mission, you need to pick up Lil Dee, Sessanta's cousin, and drive him to meet one of his associates to get the location of the rival gang members. First, you will have to make your way to Richman and meet up with Lil Dee. He will be in a parking lot with his car, Remus.


Meeting Lil Dee for the first time

Drive Lil Dee to meet one of his associates and he will get out of the car to talk to him. His associate will give him the location of the rival gang's hideout.

Lil Dee meeting his associate

Drive Lil Dee to the gang hideout and he will go inside. You need to wait for him outside.

Lil Dee going inside the gang hideout

Eventually, you will hear gunshots, and Lil Dee will come running out to the car after eliminating some rival gang members.

Lil Dee running back outside after eliminating rival members

After he gets back into the car, keep driving away from the gang members to lose them.

GTA Online protagonist and Lil Dee backing out of the gang hideout alley
Trying to escape the gang members

Once you've lost the gang members, drop Lil Dee at the police station so he can turn himself in.

Dropping Lil Dee at the police station

After dropping Lil Dee at the police station, deliver his car to the Auto Shop, after which the mission completes.

Delivering Lil Dee's Remus at the Auto Shop

Access Point (Planning Work)

You need to steal a trailer so that a ramp can be set up later in the finale to get into the prison. You can get one of two locations to steal the trailer from - Richards Majestic or Los Santos River.

Movie set at Richards Majestic, one of two possible locations

Make your way to the location and eliminate the guards in the area. Be wary of one NPC in particular - The Terminator. Yes, that is right. This is a small easter egg added in as part of the Los Santos Tuners update. This NPC has a lot of health and cannot die.

Eliminating the guards to clear the area

He will attack you together with the guards, but when he "dies", he will get back up after a few seconds.

"The Terminator"

Get into the truck, connect it to the trailer and drive it to the drop-off point after losing the cops.

Attaching the truck to the trailer containing the ramp inside

Drive around in the city to lose the cops. Some guards will continue to spawn and shoot at you even after losing the cops. Ignore them and continue to drive to the drop-off point. They won't do any damage to your trailer.

Delivering the trailer to the drop-off site

After delivering the trailer, leave the area to complete the mission.

Leaving the area to complete the mission

The Prison Contract (Final Job)

Before starting the finale, as always, stock up on super heavy armor and snacks.

When you start the final job, select either the 'Hustler' or 'Heavyweight' as your weapon loadout. This is because they have a Machine Pistol and a Micro SMG, respectively. Both these weapons can be used to do drive bys effectively. This whole mission revolves around that aspect.

Choose any car you want. If you have a custom modded Los Santos Tuners DLC car such as a Jester RR, then be sure to add louvers and bulletproof tires for extra added protection. If you cannot afford that car yet, simply select Sessanta's yellow tailgater as always.

First, make your way to the prison and use the ramp to jump over the fence and inside the Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

The ramp outside the prison
Jumping off the ramp to get inside the prison

Once inside, go left and keep an eye out for a garbage bin on your right. That will lead you to the yard area of the prison.

The garbage bin that can be used to get inside the yard
Driving off of the garbage bin to get into the yard

You will find two of the four targets here in the yard. Quickly take them out and circle the yard.

The two of the four targets in the yard

Go towards the water tower and between the buildings.

The buildings you need to go in between
Go through the buildings and onto the other side

Go to the right to reach the other two targets.

The other two targets

Go back near the same buildings, and there is an opening that leads to the outer prison road.

Outer road seen from in between the buildings

When on the outer road, keep going right, and you will reach the main entrance.

Going right towards the main entrance

When you reach the dead end, shoot the panels, and the doors will open for you.

Shooting the panel to open the door

Keep shooting the panels and opening the doors towards the exit.

Shooting the panel to open the second door
Shooting the last panel to open the final door

Next, you need to rescue Lil Dee. Follow the prison bus and shoot the driver to force the prison bus to an abrupt stop.

Shooting and killing the prison bus driver to stop the bus

Lil Dee will come out of the prison bus and sit in your vehicle.

Lil Dee joining the us in our car

Now, most people usually try to focus on losing the cops at this point. The issue is that you cannot lose the cops this early in this mission - it is intentionally designed this way. The best way to approach the mission is to keep driving towards your destination until you reach it.

If you've not lost the cops by then, you will get a message to "lose the cops."

Now, you will be able to lose the cops. The easiest way to lose the cops is by driving around the city area near the actual destination you need to drop Lil Dee at.

In the city near the drop-off point trying to lose the cops

Once you've lost the cops, drop Lil Dee at the drop-off point to complete this contract.

Dropping Lil Dee off at the drop-off
Mission ending cutscene


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