Los Santos Tuners Guide to All Contracts & Payouts

The ECU Job

The ECU Job contract has three missions: Train Inventory, Schedule, and The ECU Job.

Train Inventory (Planning Work)

The train inventory planning work is a pretty straightforward job. First, you need to make your way to Elysian Island as instructed. When you arrive at the location, you will need to disguise yourself as a dock worker by collecting the outfit from the van parked nearby.


Disguising ourselves as the dock worker

The van is never in the same spot. It will always be random but within the vicinity of the boat. You don't have to worry about finding the van, as it will be shown on your mini-map, indicated by a small stick figure icon.

Disguise icon indicated on the map, this is where the van is

This disguise will allow you to blend in with the other dock workers. The Merryweather guards will not notice you unless you stay in their cones of vision for too long or bump into them. You will also be detected if they see you with an equipped weapon.

After getting the uniform, make your way to the back of the boat. Directly go towards the rear section of the boat and climb up using the stairs on the side.

Going to the back of the boat
Climbing up at the back of the boat

When you reach the rear top of the boat, you need to start looking for the container manifest. There are multiple spawn locations where the manifest can spawn, and they are as follows:

Wooden Crate #1

This crate is on the left side of the middle partition at the rear end of the boat. The manifest will spawn on top of the wooden container.

Container Manifest Spawn Location 1

Wooden Crate #2

The second wooden container is on the other side of the middle partition, directly opposite the first wooden crate. The manifest will be on top of the second wooden crate.

Container Manifest Spawn Location 2

Green Crates

The third location is the dark green box on the second level. Climb up the stairs in front of the second wooden crate, and climb the ladders right after.

Set of stairs and ladders leading to the stack of green crates

You will find a stack of green crates. The manifest will be on top of the stack.

Container Manifest Spawn Location 3

Once you've found the manifest, take a picture of it and send it to Sessanta.

Taking a picture of the manifest to send it to Sessanta

Next, you will be instructed to go to the front of the boat to steal an industrial cutting saw.

Going to the front of the boat

Go to the very front end of the boat and climb the ladders up to the top.

Climbing up to the front deck of the boat

The cutting saw is in a bright blue duffel bag and can spawn on any one of the boxes (crates, wooden boxes, water tankers, etc.) located at the front end of the boat. We found ours on a wooden crate.

One of the possible spawn locations of the industrial cutting saw
Industrial Cutting Saw

After grabbing the duffel bag, leave the boat and deliver the cutting saw to your Auto Shop to complete this mission.

Running away from the boat with the saw
Delivering the cutting saw to the Auto Shop

Schedule (Planning Work)

This planning work is a simple mission. You need to go to a location, locate a train, and scope out the area by taking pictures.

Freight train located

Make your way to the location and take a picture of the train and send it to Sessanta.

Taking and sending the picture of the train to Sessanta

Wait for her to contact you again and then take a picture of one of the brake cylinders and send it to Sessanta.

Taking and sending the picture of the brake cylinder to Sessanta

Then you need to find the train schedule which is in a control tower. The tower will be heavily guarded. It is best just to clear out the guards instead of sneaking your way in. It is much faster.

Eliminating the guards around the control tower
Train Schedule

Once you've collected the schedule, deliver it back to the Auto Shop to complete this mission.

Delivering the train schedule to the Auto Shop

The ECU Job (Final Job)

When you start this job, the first thing you must do is select the 'Sharpshooter' as your weapon loadout. This is important as we need both the Sticky Bombs and the Heavy Sniper Mk II.

Selecting the 'Sharpshooter' weapon loadout

Also, make sure you are fully stocked up on super heavy armor and snacks, as this mission will be full of combat.

Once again, if you can afford a Jester RR, we highly recommend getting it and upgrading its tires to bulletproof and louvers for the back window, which gives extra protection against incoming shots.

Selecting the custom Jester RR

Make your way to the interception point and wait for the train to come.

Waiting for the train at the interception point

When the train arrives, ready your sticky bombs and throw them at the brake cylinders to destroy them.

Throwing the sticky bomb at the brake cylinder

You will get a notification that the brake cylinder has been destroyed.

Notified when the brake cylinder was destroyed

After destroying all four of the brake cylinders, the train will come to a stop. Drive slightly ahead of the train to avoid the Merryweather soldiers' line of fire and take out your Heavy Sniper Mk II.

Taking cover behind the car after destroying the brake cylinders

Use your vehicle as a cover and shoot the chopper five times to destroy it for good.

Destroying the armored chopper using the Heavy Sniper Rifle Mk II

Get back into your vehicle and drive till the end of the train, killing all the Merryweather soldiers as you drive by.

Eliminating all the Merryweather soldiers on the train

Merryweather soldiers will keep on spawning, so you need to be quick about it and take them out. Whenever you see a chopper spawning, you need to prioritize the chopper over the foot soldiers as the chopper drains your health.

More Merryweather backup arrives

Once you've cleared the soldiers, you will get some breathing room. Check your messages to see the container codes you'll need to find the ECUs.

Sessanta's text telling us about the correct container codes

Those codes are sent by Sessanta, and you need to match with the codes on the side of the containers.

Container code matching one of the codes from Sessanta's text

We got S8B5 and S91F. These codes are written on the side of the containers. Once you've found the correct container, interact with it to open them up using the industrial cutting saw.

Using the industrial cutting saw to open one of the containers

If you've opened the correct container, you will find the ECU inside. Collect it and look for the second container.

The ECU inside the container

As you collect the ECUs, more choppers and Merryweather soldiers will spawn. So take cover inside the train and first take out the chopper.

Taking cover inside the train as more Merryweather guards arrive

After the chopper, you can take out the rest of the soldiers. These choppers won't be armored like the first chopper that spawned in the beginning. You can easily shoot the pilot and they will go down.

Pilot of a regular chopper eliminated

After getting both ECUs, get back into your vehicle and deliver them to KDJ, a.k.a Moodymann. Just keep driving to your destination and you should be fine. This is where the louvers help protect you from the incoming shots from behind.

Escaping the Merryweather after collecting both the ECUs

The mission is completed after delivering the ECUs to KDJ.

Delivering the ECUs to the KDJ (Moodymann)


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