Los Santos Tuners Guide to All Contracts & Payouts

The Data Contract

The data contract has three missions: Safehouse Location, Defenses, and the finale "The Data Contract."

Safehouse Location (Planning Work)

In this mission, you need to find the location of the safehouse containing hard drives that are to be delivered to Avi Schwartzman later in the finale. Some of you may remember Avi from the Casino Heist.


We also recommend using a ground vehicle for this mission as you need to steal a vehicle later in this mission, and that would require eliminating the driver by shooting at him, of course.

Ground vehicle used for the purpose of drive by

You first need to make your way to the Palmer-Taylor Power Station. When you reach the location, you will notice a skylift ascending from the power station.

Skylife at Palmer-Taylor Power Station

Follow the skylift to its drop site, where it is delivering a container. Once it drops the cargo, go to the location and investigate it. You will find a bunker entrance.

Driving to the drop site to investigate it

Take a picture of the bunker entrance and then get clear of the bunker entrance. Wait for a vehicle to come out of the bunker.

Bunker entrance identified
Taking picture of the bunker entrance

After some time, a Barrage will come out of the bunker. You must steal this vehicle as we need a transponder which is inside this vehicle. This transponder will help us get in the bunker during the final job.

Barrage coming out of the bunker

Chase down the vehicle and first take out the gunner on the vehicle as he does a lot of damage.

Eliminating the gunner mounted on the barrage

After taking out the gunner, take out the driver and quickly get inside the vehicle.

Eliminating the barrage driver

Deliver it to the Auto Shop to complete this mission. You will have a chopper and many soldiers constantly attacking you on your way back to the Auto Shop. Keep ignoring them and continue to drive.

Driving the barrage to the Auto Shop
Delivering the barrage to the Auto Shop

Defenses (Planning Work)

In this mission, you have an option to get three armaments that can aid you in the finale. If you're doing the finale solo, you only need one armament out of the three, and that is the anti-aircraft gun (AAG). The AAG is extremely powerful and can wipe vehicles and foot soldiers swiftly.

This mission is also time-sensitive, and you only get 10 minutes to collect all three. But, as stated above, you only need the AAG.

The AAG armament can be found at the Los Santos International Airport. When you reach the location, you will find several Merryweather soldiers guarding the armament.

Anti-aircraft gun at the Los Santos International Airport (LSIA)

Stay in cover and first take out the soldiers.

Taking out the Merryweather soldiers at the LSIA

Once you've cleared the enemy NPCs, get in one of the armored Nightsharks parked there.

Getting into the Nightshark

Back the vehicle up to the AAG trailer hook, and it will be hooked onto the vehicle.

Backing the Nightshark onto the AAG trailer
Nightshark hooked onto the AAG trailer

Once hooked, deliver it to Elysian Island.

AAG delivered at Elysian Island

Now, all you have to do is wait for the timer to finish for this mission to be completed. If you're bored and want to get another vehicle, you can get the other armaments. One of the other useful armaments is the Insurgent.

A completely optional armament - The Insurgent
Mission completes once the timer finishes

The Data Contract (Final Job)

We highly recommend fully stocking up on snacks and super heavy armor for the finale, as you will get into many gunfights. You can get free snacks from your Auto Shop and buy the armor at one of the Ammu-nation stores.

When you're setting up, select the 'Hustler' as your weapon loadout because it has a Bullpup Rifle Mk II. It is an effective rifle against the enemy NPCs.

Selecting the 'Hustler' weapon loadout

For the vehicle, it doesn't matter which vehicle you choose as long as it is fast. But, if you do buy a vehicle from the Los Santos Tuners DLC, then we recommend buying the Jester RR. It is one of the fastest in the DLC. You can customize it and install louvers and bulletproof tires that will help a lot.

Custom Dinka Jester RR modified to include louvers and bulletproof tires

If you cannot afford the vehicle yet, it is fine. Sessanta's yellow tailgater would suffice, which is available by default.

Sessanta's yellow tailgater available by default

Now that the setup is done. Make your way to the bunker entrance, you will enter without any issues.

Entering the bunker

As soon as you're in the bunker, you'll get in a heavy gunfight with the soldiers inside. Clear the enemies and make your way to the hard drives indicated by a green marker on your mini-map.

The first soldier you encounter as soon as you enter the bunker

Switch to the Bullpup Rifle Mk II for this part of the mission.

Switching to Bullpup Rifle Mk II

Follow the western path (left) in the bunker. Keep clearing the enemies first before you make a move for the hard drives. The next area is going to have a gunner on a Barrage. Take him out first and then clear the rest of the soldiers before you move onto the hard drive.

The mounted gunner on the barrage when going from the left side of the bunker
Stealing the hard drive

It is not that difficult to complete this part. Always pre-aim and aim for the head for instant kills. Keep moving forward, clear the enemies, and stealing the hard drives.

Once you've acquired all four hard drives, you will circle back to the main bunker entrance where your car is.

Circling back to the main entrance of the bunker

You will now be outside the bunker automatically. You need to drive to Elysian Island, to Avi Schwartzman. As you're driving to Elysian Island, you're going to get shot by Merryweather soldiers and the chopper. This is where the louvers and the bulletproof tires help a lot.

Driving to Elysian Island while under heavy firing from the chopper and Merryweather soldiers

When you reach the destination, instead of inserting the hard drives into the terminal, go and get the anti-aircraft gun from the back. It will be marked on your mini-map.

Arriving at Elysian Island
Getting into the nightshark attached to the AAG trailer

Position it under the shade next to Avi's office. This is a perfect place to keep the AAG. It helps you cover both sides without any blind spots, and the shade protects you from incoming choppers.

Positioning the AAG under the shade next to Avi's office

After positioning the trailer, you can go and insert the hard drives into the terminal.

Inserting the hard drives into the terminal

Head back outside and mount the AAG. You can easily take out the guards and choppers with this weapon. Keep an eye on your mini-map and keep clearing the soldiers as fast as you can. Do not wait for them to get closer. You might risk some soldiers getting into Avi's office.

Eliminating Merryweather soldiers using the AAG
Destroying a chopper within a few shots of the AAG

Also, if you cannot reach the choppers due to the shade above you, stay mounted in your AAG, and the soldiers will eventually come in front of you. Take out all the foot soldiers and then unmount the gun to take out the choppers yourself.

Taking out a chopper pilot using a Bullpup Rifle Mk II

Use your Bullpup Rifle Mk II to eliminate the pilots, which will instantly down the choppers.

After the uploading process completes, the Merryweather soldiers will stop spawning, and you can take out the rest of the soldiers. After taking out the soldiers, go to Avi to complete the mission.

Mission completion cutscene


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