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Los Santos Summer Special DLC Coming To GTA Online August 11th

Rockstar Games has unveiled the next big content update for Grand Theft Auto 5 and we don't even have to wait long until it is released. Coming next Tuesday, August 11th, the Los Santos Summer Special is bringing a bouquet of new activities, vehicles and items to enjoy.

The mentality with the Los Santos Summer Special isn't releasing a large, themed DLC revolving around a specific new activity and related odds and ends like many previous updates were like - that's coming in the fall with new Heists and "GTA Online's biggest update ever" - but rather a big bundle of various smaller, disconnected activities.

This isn't the next After Hours or Doomsday Heist, think of it more like something akin to Freemode Events, but with even more variety.

Coming next Tuesday is something that will finally make those big, expensive yachts worth buying. A new set of exciting PvE missions are being added that can only be launched from a yacht that you own, and can be faced alone or with up to three other players in tow. What exactly the new missions entail is anyone's guess, but Rockstar did reveal that some will take us undersea, while others will have you speed across it.

Also included in the Los Santos Summer Special are expansions to existing content. Business Battles will be broadened with new locations and rewards, and a Casino Series will be brought to Adversary Modes, taking some of your favorite PvP rounds into the Diamond's luxurious environment.

Open Wheel Races is getting an infusion of new tracks, and once those lose their shine as well, you can make your own with the Open Wheel Race Creator. The GTA version of Formula 1 is also finally getting two new vehicles, bringing to the total up to four. Alongside those two, 10 other new vehicles are being added to GTA Online including ones which can be customized at Benny's.

With the launch of the Los Santos Summer Special, Rockstar is also revitalising the weekly event formula to make it more substantial than a handful of discounts, double reward bonuses and a podium vehicle in the Diamond. What exactly will be involved is still a mystery, but it's likely going to involve the return of drip-feed content.

See you in Los Santos next week!


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