Lohan’s GTA Lawsuit Tossed Out Of Court

Chalk up another victory for common sense and logic!

The last ditch effort to remain somehow relevant by this washed-out druggie who was formerly a celebrity has been shot down by a court of appeals in Manhattan. Some of you may remember us reporting on this topic a while ago in a previous post back when the lawsuit was still on-going.


Lohan initially filed about two years ago, making a rather big fuss about Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games using her likeness in the promotion of GTA V without her permission. The subject of the lawsuit was a promotional image featuring one of the characters of the game, Lacey Jonas, who incidentally looks absolutely nothing like Lohan.

Even before the case was filed, Rockstar made the identity of the model used for Jonas public: Shelby Welinder. Even so, anyone with two functioning eyes would not within the realm of reason mistake that image for Lohan. Technically the legal duel has been on-going since 2013, but the lawsuit itself was filed in 2014.

GTA V Lacey Jonas

Lohan’s undoubtedly expensive team of lawyers have been battling not only Take-Two’s legal team, but indeed the judges themselves in order to keep the case open. They previously achieved the minor victory of not having it thrown out last year, but this time around they were not so lucky.


Recently a court of appeals in Manhattan put a dot at the end of this all by finally denying the case to proceed. The judges cited the fictional factor of GTA V along with the impact individual players have on the story as their reason. Lohan wished to receive royalty payments from Take-Two in exchange for the publicity they gained thanks to “her” likeness.

This video game’s unique story, characters, dialogue, and environment, combined with the player’s ability to choose how to proceed in the game, render it a work of fiction and satire.

Previously when the suit was making headlines, GTA V voice actor Ned Luke posted a clever and pretty painful – for Lohan, that is – tweet about a screenshot of a cow from GTA V, stating that “It’s a stretch but MAYBE there’s a resemblance”. Take-Two’s counter-suit called the claim legally meritless.

Do you think Lohan will finally give up, or will she crawl back into the courts with yet another baseless claim in a bid for publicity?

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