Lohan Files 67-Page Lawsuit Against Rockstar

This again?

Gta V Bikini Girl

So, as you might known (and possibly tried to forget), actress Lindsay Lohan has been attempting to sue Rockstar over GTA V, with the claim that the character Lacey Jonas is based on her. We didn't think her lawsuit had much of a chance, and neither did Rockstar, but it's still out there. In fact, not only has Lohan not given up, she's replaced her initial claim with a 67-page lawsuit.

Gta V Lacey Jonas


Now, if you're like us, you might be wondering how anyone could get 67 pages out of claiming to be the inspiration for a character as minor as Lacey Jonas. It turns out, she's suing for all sorts of things now.

45 of those pages are pictures, many of which are of the blonde bikini girl, even though that wasn't what the original lawsuit was about. Didn't we already learn that the image was based on Shelby Welinder? She seems just as tired of hearing about this as we are.

Oh, but that isn't the end of it. Lacey Jonas, the bikini girl... and the Gentry Manor hotel. Yes, according to Polygon, the remaining pages of the lawsuit claim that since Gentry Manor is based on the real-world Chateau Marmont, it "is associated with Lohan, as she formerly resided there."

Every time we hear about Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit against Rockstar, it gets crazier. Do you think her case has a chance?

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